Thursday, May 23, 2013


I'm about two weeks in and down 4 lbs. I've been tracking, had a few off days, but overall feel pretty good. I lost 3.6 the first week and .4 the second.

Here's to progress.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Week 1!

I started off the week by going to a weight watchers meeting on Tuesday and weighing in at 158.0 lbs. That's about 4.6 lbs up since the last time I went in February.

I had cereal for breakfast with 2% milk and 1/2 a banana for 6pt+.

For lunch, I had mexican shredded chicken with cole slaw, lettuce, and veggies for 7pt+.

For dinner, Matt grilled chicken wings and I had 1 1/2 beers for 18pts+.
Points used: 32
Weekly Points Remaining: 43
Activity Points Earned: 0 
I started Wednesday off with a trip to the gym. I did the cross-trainer for 35 minutes for +6 activity points.

I had two eggs and a slice of ham for breakfast for 6pt+.

I repeated my lunch from the day before for 11pt+, but added chips and salsa.

I ended up staying at work until close to 9pm so Josh and I grabbed beers out of the fridge at work and toasted to work-late-Wednesdays for 5pt+. For dinner, I had a sweet potato with honey mustard, 1/2 a beer, and 2 chips for 6pt+.

Points used: 28
Weekly Points Remaining: 41
Activity Points Earned: 6
Thursday, I took the pup for a long walk in the morning for +2 activity points before making Matt breakfast in bed. I had egg whites, 1/2 a banana, and two slices of bacon for 3pt+.

We stopped and got coffee before going to work. 0pt+.
For lunch, Liz and I went to cobbs. I had the Chris's Salad which is basically grilled chicken and veggies for 5pt+ and we split an order of fries for 6pt+.

After getting off work around 6:30, I hit the gym for a quick cross-training session for another 6pt+ before heading to Brad's for a cookout. They made BBQ grilled chicken and onions with zuchini. My portion was 6pt+. I had two beers for 9pt+ while there.

After the cookout, Matt and I weren't quite ready to call it quits so we went to McGrady's and sat on the patio and had two beers for 10pt+.
Points used: 41
Weekly Points Remaining: 26
Activity Points Earned: 6/12

Monday, May 6, 2013

Two Months!

I've got two months until a family beach trip so its a great time to set some new goals. I've been half-assing it for a while, and the thought of a swimsuit and pictures is enough to scare me into action. I'll be heading back to weight watchers and updating regularly with progress.

Cheers to progress!