Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Food blogger holiday of the year - I'm looking forward to some good stuff in blog world!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/7 - Game night and $2 movies!

Tuesday was another hectic day at work. 7am-7pm is not my style. Personal promise to myself - Wed will be an early day.

I woke up early and headed to the polls to get my vote on. Look at these early risers doing their duty. Go 'Merica.

‎"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend." -Thomas Jefferson
Best part of voting? Positive reinforcement sticker.
Looking a little tired
 I had some tangerines for breakfast for 0pts+.
Waaaay better than oranges
For lunch, I had more lasagna, 6pt+.

Dinner was pumpkin chili again. Will this get old? Don't think so. 5pt+.

After dinner, we had game night at Chris's place. We played settlers. It was definitely a learning night, but fun. 

And after game night, we went to the new IMAX theater. Its their opening week and they are doing $2 movies and donating all of the proceeds to charity! We saw The Dark Night. Loved it. But it got out after 1AM...way passed this kid's bedtime. I had popcorn and a piece of a reese's for 15pt+.

TOTAL: 25/26
Weekly Points: 43 Remaining

11/6 - Catching Up

Monday was crazy, Tuesday was crazy, today I'm finally catching my breath and getting back to routine productivity.

Monday, I had scrambled egg whites with one whole egg and a tangerine for breakfast for 2pt+.

For lunch, I had a kale mushroom lasagna roll-up, tangerine, and side salad consisting of spring mix, broccoli slaw, and goddess dressing (an old favorite) for 7pt+. The lasagna roll-up idea is brilliant for portion control and only 6pt+.

Photos of the roll-up process from Sunday food prep.

For dinner, I had some more pumpkin and black bean chili with a piece of bread for 9pt+.

After dinner, I headed to our YoungLives monthly mentor meeting. I do love the group, but working in a really fast paced environment where meetings are efficient as possible and if you waste time you are essentially shunned, I get a stressed out going through an agenda at a snail's pace, getting off topic, and discussions that could easily be resolved by involving technology and fact checkers.

I'm thinking:
"Let's go go GO! Get this shit done. November 16th? 5pm, I'm good with that. Bring blankets, pillows, mentee, and baby. Got it." 

They're thinking: 
"November 16th? That's my cousin's cat's baby dady's birthday...speaking of that...his name is Fred" 
"Oh! Fred? I know him." 
"No, Fred's a cat." 
"Oh, well Fred Smith is nice."
"What was the date again?"

OMG, We met for over two hours and made something like....3 decisions. I wanted to jump out of my skin. Somehow I don't think I will ever be gifted to work in the non profit sector full-time. I had work to do when I got home (I was on a deadline for getting an editorial piece to a magazine that I hadn't finished.), and all I was thinking the whole time was how far behind I was! Not a good frame of mind to volunteer with unfortunately.

Our apt is taking a week off of having alcohol in an effort to work on productive life habits and get over our chronic colds - meaning our normal decompression with a glass of wine with an episode of 24 was out of the question. So when I got home pretty frazzled, Megan and I went to grab chips and salsa to decompress. I had 9pts+ of chips and salsa and 6pt+ of two reese's cups.

Decompression complete.

TOTAL: 33/26
ACTIVITY: 4 today / 14 weekly
Weekly Points: 42 remaining

Hope to see less of each other next time!

Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5 - Pumpkin, Black Bean, Sriracha Chili

I tracked yesterday! AND I'm going to my WW meeting this week. Last week was insanely busy. I had normal work ~47 hours, and lab work for an additional 30 hours! I felt like I was under a bus. I've been working in the lab to help the hubs out with his research.

No breakfast Sunday, I slept in. I did laundry and picked up in the morning before heading out to grab lunch for Lexus and I. Look at this handsome guy.

He's almost a Halloween baby. I got to spend some time with him and his momma Sunday. He is precious.

I had a southwest salad with avocado from Trinity for lunch for 7pt+.

After lunch, I scrambled to get to our double header kickball games +11 activity pts. Then it was errands and the grocery store for me. I have to get my food ready for the week before it starts in order to be at all successful. 

I had some ideas floating around in my mind for meals for the week. I saw this pumpkin, black bean, sriracha chili on Hungry Meets Healthy over the weekend and knew I had to try this. With the hubbs out of town at Oakridge, I could indulge in meatless meals. I made some adjustments which are listed below, but the flavor is amazing and unexpected. My roomie and I gobbled it up for dinner.

  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 cans black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1.5 cup canned white corn
  • 3 medium tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 can pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 jalepeno
  • 4.5-5 Tbsp sriracha
  • 2 Tbsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2-3 cups water (or combination of water and vegetable broth)
Follow the instructions on Xtina's site! I had to add liquid to get the consistency I wanted and added some extras for heat. I love spicy food, and this took the chili to the perfect amount of heat to make your nose run a little. :)

I had one serving for 5pts+ and its a power food if you follow weight watchers. You're welcome! Go make it, and hit up Hungry Meets Healthy and tell her you made it.

TOTAL: 12/26
ACTIVITY: 11 today / 11 weekly
Weekly Points Remaining: 49/49 (although I didn't track over the weekend)

Hope to see less of each other next time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Humps

Soooo - I did some fun stuff Wednesday. Getting to work at 7:30 meant leaving early. I didn't have breakfast before work so Matt and I had a weird brunch. Raising Cane's - two chicken tenders and fries for 20pt+.

After work, we went to the fabric store to get supplies for our Halloween garb. I had a pb&j for dinner for 6pt+.

Here's a sneak peak at what I spent the evening working on....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marathon Tuesday

Work Tuesday lasted from 9:30am to 9pm with only 30 minutes of down time for a quick lunch. Sooooo beat. I haven't been grocery shopping so hopefully I'll get around to that Wednesday! I had two egg whites and one egg for breakfast for 3pt+.

Megan took me to lunch at The Carving Board Cafe and we both got roasted cauliflower soup. It was ok at best. To cheesy, too thick. I had 1/2 cup for 1pt+ with four saltine crackers for 1pt+. No photo, I forgot my phone.

The afternoon at work was cray cray. I was going from 3-9 without a break. I shoved some falafel chips down my mouth for 3pt+ and a few tortilla chips for 2pt+ at our monthly trainer meeting. At 9:30, I went for a walk with the hubs +1 activity pt, and promptly passed out.

TOTAL: 10/26
Weekly Points: 0 remaining

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday Funday

Monday was incredibly long, but overall good. I started the day off with a walk into work for +2 activity points.

Liz and I grabbed lunch at Guadalajara for lunch. That place is like a magnet to us! I had a few chips and a cup of chicken soup for 9pt+.

After work, Chris was driving through our neighborhood with some sweet furniture he picked up on Craigslist. We sat on the couch in the back of his truck talking and enjoying the perfect fall weather. Matt and I had planned to get some lab work done in the evening, but weren't ready to stop hanging out so the three of us went to Fry Spring's for dinner and drinks. I had two glasses of pinot grigio, steamed mussels, and two slices of pizza for 22pt+.

After dinner, we went and worked in the aerogel lab for about an hour and walked around on the Rivanna Trail checking out the woods and moon +2 activity pts. It was a good night. I had a beer on our walk for 5pt+. (Digging into my activity points for the week. I've never done that before.)

TOTAL: 36/26
ACTIVITY: 4 today / 14 week
Weekly Points: 0 remaining (4 activity remaining)


Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday - Kickball and Sons of Bill

I slept in Sunday morning since Megan and I didn't get back from Bridgewater until the wee hours of the night. Matt brought me Bodos for breakfast in bed! 15pt+ for my plain bagel with ham, egg, and american cheese. Geeze Louise, I love these.

We had our Sunday kickball game and it was my first one of the season. I played catcher pretty poorly. We lost the game, but it was nice to be outside and active for a while +3 activity pts.

After the game, Matt and I had dinner at Christians on the downtown mall. I had a slice of pizza for 5pt+.

And the real reason we went down town was the free Sons of Bill concert and celebrating the 100th birthday of The Jefferson Theater, a local music venue in Charlottesville. 

First, go listen to Sons of Bill.

Second, fall in love with Abe.
"I'll sit here and linger on the same old worn out page, and we'll all 
give the finger to the spirit of the age" - Abe Wilson 

Go on, you know you want to. Who doesn't love the youngest brother?

I had a few beers and snacks at the concert for 15pts+ and a late night small fry for 6pt+. No food photos. You'll just have to look at another picture of the band.
The Sons also rising
Sons of Bill

And my sweet new hat.

Hope you had a delightful weekend!

TOTAL: 41/26
ACTIVITY: 3 today / 10 week
Weekly Points: 0 remaining (gotta be careful from here on out!)


Band photos:

Chocolate Festival and Cook Out

Saturday was beautiful. My perspective might have something to do with all the laundry cooking napping I got done Friday. I was up by 6:30 and since my apartment mates were still sound asleep, I decide to run a 5k!

I had planned on going to the chocolate festival in downtown Charlottesville that morning and decided to go early and run in their chocolate chase 5k. The race overlaps part of the infamous Charlottesville 10 miler meaning we got to take part in some brutal hills. Since the race was somewhat of an impulse decision (I toyed with the idea throughout the week), I didn't have a clear goal in mind for the race.

Since a bad plan is better than no plan, I quickly made a goal to run or jog the whole way - no walking. Having been sick and virtually sedentary for 2 months, it was a challenge, but I'm proud to say that I was able to do this and finished in ~37 minutes! Its a good base to start with and I'm already itching for another race.

I RAN THE WHOLE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I got +7 activity points for the run. I turned on Endomodo to track my progress, but I forgot to hit stop when I finished. Oops - here's my data.

After the run, I grabbed the hubby and made him come to the festival for the chocolate pancake breakfast and a walk downtown. My pancakes were 8pt+.

We went home and got some chores done before heading to Becky's for an afternoon cookout and doggie date. There was beer.

And corn hole.
Musroom burger, pickles, arugala pasta salad,
pear and feta salad, roasted brussel sprouts and carrots
 And puppies.

Good times were had by all. My portions and drinks were 18pt+

Megan and I went to a blacklight birthday party in Bridgewater that night and had dinner and drinks there for 22pt+. Buffalo chicken dip is my weakness!

TOTAL: 51 / 26
ACTIVITY: 7 day / 7 week
Weekly Points: 15 remaining


Nap Time! aka Friday night at 25

By Friday, I was in need of a break. Between lab work and real work I was beat. Skipped breakfast in my stupor to get out the door.

Went to lab over my lunch break and grabbed a 6pt+ salad from work on the way back.

Grabbed some falafel chips and peanut butter when I got home around 6 for 6pt+.

And passed out around 8 for four hours....

...Woke up starving at midnight. Had some pizza 10pt.

Passed back out until 6am. When did I turn 80?

TOTAL: 22/26
ACTIVITY: 0 day / 0 week
Weekly Points: 40 remaining


Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday - Star Hill Pint Night

Thursday morning came far too early after leaving the lab after midnight Wednesday. I grabbed celery and peanut butter before heading back to the lab for some chemical washes before work for 5pt+.

After that, I headed to my real job where I had two stuffed pepper halves for 6pt+ and a few pinches of the cheese I topped them with for 3pt+.

After work, I went to my weight watchers meeting and weighed in at 155.4 lbs for a loss of 1.8 lbs from last week. I didn't stick around for the meeting because Star Hill was sponsoring a pint night at The Blue Toad, a hole in the wall bar some friends and I found while brewery hopping a few months back. Matt and I met up with Chris, Brad, and Megan for dinner and some Star Hill brews. I had their BBQ chicken sandwich sans cheese and 1/2 a bun with fries for 12pt+. I also enjoyed one and a half crypticals for 8pt+

After dinner and a few drinks, we went to Chris's house to catch up on The League. I kind of love/hate Rodney. Who is your favorite character?

TOTAL: 35/26
ACTIVITY: 0 today / 0 week
Weekly Points: 40 remaining