Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham: Points Plus in Review Mon W44.

To break it down for the weight watchers who don't attend meetings (or the non WW out there), WW implemented a new program yesterday called "Points Plus." Instead of determining points using calories, fat, and fiber; the new plan takes into account fiber, carbs, protien, and fat. Its a bit more complicated than the old program, but that is the major difference.

"I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

I do not like them in a house.
I do not like them with a mouse.
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.

I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like them, Sam-I-am."

This embodies my sentiment on the new Points Plus Program Weight Watchers introduced to its members yesterday at meetings across the country. I don't like it. When I originally heard we'd be hearing about the "new plan" this week, I was really excited and happy that I'd get some new tracker or materials that would jump start my motivation and look snazzy, bright, and new. Well, I got that, and a whole lot more...
  • More daily points
  • More factors affecting points values
  • More weekly points
While most of that sounds pretty good (more points to eat, right?) foods are also worth more points. So despite the fact that I gained 6pts for the day, it doesn't compare to how much the foods I eat have gone up in points. I'm not really thrilled about that.

So what has disappeared in the program? All fruits are worth a whopping zero points now. Yep, even those blasted 2 point bananas. Eat up, monkeys out there. I'm excited to experiment with this. More on that later. What else is gone? THE POINTS SLIDER IS GONE!!! This is by far the most upsetting thing to me. I miss the tangible way of determining points. There is no way to calculate points of a food without WW online or a digital points calculator, and with those, you can't manipulate it to see what points would be with a little less. I feel like from that respect, there is less control. 

There are other mostly minor changes- filling foods are now "power foods," points are called "points plus values," the booklet is thicker (has to be since you took away our damn sliders), and if you don't want to track you can use the "simply filling technique." New name, same game.

The theory behind the change is that taking into account protein content will reflect the new research in nutrition science and the points will now fully represent a food's nutritional value...making us all skinny bitches by the end of the year. Ok, not really that last part, but a girl can hope, right? So I'm going to give it the old college try. Maybe I will be a convert and follow the path of Dr. Seus's protagonist...

"Sam! If you will let me be, 
I will try them, you will see.

Say! I do like green eggs and ham!
I do like them Sam-I-am!
and I would eat them in a boat...
I would eat them with a goat...

And I will eat them in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
They are so good, so good, you see!"

Maybe I will be a convert, we'll see. For now, I'll just leave you with my food from Monday and its NEW Points Plus Values!

I had a cliff bar for breakfast 3pts (previously 2) before working with my first student.

I worked on my thesis during the day, but did find some time to sneak off to the gym. I got in an hour of cardio, some lunges, and crunches. New plus plan says its +12pts of activity. I'm not sure if I believe it, but I'm going with it for now.

Lunch was a smart ones fettuccine alfredo 6pts (previously 4).
And a bite of cottage cheese as a snack 1pt.

I made sure to go to the WW meeting to get my new stuff and learn the new plan. My weigh in wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting. I am up 2 lbs- fresh starting point. Here's all the new gear:
Tracker, pocket guide, booklet on points plus to keep old members from panicking, points calculator

I had friends over in the evening after the meeting and had a pb&j 6pts (previously 4), and several beers 17pts (obviously the alcohol points went nuts. Boo hiss).

If you missed my posts the past two days, check them out here!

Points: 33/29
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 49 remaining

Weekly Activity Points: 12/12
Weekly Activity Points Used: 4 used / 8 remainingExercise: none
Weekly Weight Loss: + 2 lbs / -34.0 total

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Diva and I

I am not where I want to be. That's an unfortunate statement to have to start a post with, but I think its important for me to cover before I can get where I want to be. I mean that in a number of ways, but all having to do with my health ultimately: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I have a lot of work to do that I have put off for too long. 

I haven't been tracking my food. And I have gained weight. Which isn't a huge deal in the big scheme of things because weight loss and exercise aren't about a number, they are about your body, how it feels and works and how you feel in it. What is a big deal is that I made a commitment to myself to make me and my body a priority and I have been letting myself down on that. Originally, my goals were competing with school, my advisor's goals for me, and busyness in general; now they're competing with a worse front- my alter ego or "The Diva", as I like to call her. The Diva has quite different priorities than me, she likes to dress up, drink a lot, dance more, and be the best at everything...or at least seem that way. She does not enjoy running (although she does it to brag about it), she does not enjoy writing my thesis, and she does love her some wine. Most of the time, we get along fairly well. I own the day, and The Diva owns the night. I'm not going to lie, she's pretty awesome sometimes. However, she's been a brat lately and is taking over some of my day time...or maybe I'm noticing it more because the sun sets earlier and she sees that as her cue to fly her freak flag. Either way, I'm putting my foot down to her because I love my daytime goals as much as The Diva loves her wine and I need balance (The Diva is not a very balanced person). So I am trying to re-stake-out my territory and set some clear goals for myself which will be The Diva's new boundaries-- if I am working productively on my goals- Diva, you get to celebrate and dance your little bootay off (literally, please, that thing is fucking huge); if not, well, I will smother you beneath piles of work until I kill you or we accomplish something together. Agreed? I don't really care.

Although the weight gain isn't a huge deal, the fact that I haven't tracked food in idk how long, is. I haven't been working on what I set out to do, and its taking a tole on my pride. After losing over 30lbs, I felt like the shit, I want that back. I feel like a baller when I run 5 miles. 5 miles! I couldn't do 1/3 of that in Jan. I know I can work and go 10 if I practice, but I have been slacking. I want those feelings again. Another thing that is unfortunate is that while you lose weight, you're losing fat along with a little muscle too. You can do a lot to change the ratio, but you'll probably lose some muscle weight in the process. Since I've gained some back- I think its all come as fat. That makes sense since I haven't been working out or lifting, but it also means I looked better at 170 than I do now, although I don't weigh that much. That blows. 

So I talked to Allee, my encourager extraordinaire today (maybe I can get her to do a guest post soon? cough cough) about setting new goals. It isn't looking like I'll hit the 50lb mark by Dec. which was my new year's resolution, but I have set another goal by Christmas, and I'm hoping to make the 50 lb mark by Jan 11th which will be the anniversary of my time on WW. I'm going to use tracking my food and working out as my tools along with my LBD challenge goal as motivation.

As far as other goals that require focus right now- Matt and I are working on finding a church that fits our needs. (He's Catholic I'm.... Christian... Protestant... Presbyterian/Evangelical... something). We are finally trying new places, but it needs to be more of a priority for me personally. Personally, my spiritual life plays a big part (if not the biggest) in my journey so I do need to acknowledge the importance of its health too.

And last but not least, my thesis. AKA the bane of The Diva's existence. I think parts of her soul die when I spend a long time on it. I don't like it either, but it's gotta get done and it isn't writing itself- trust me, I waited on that to happen and I just don't think its going to. I've made more progress than usual lately, and there's starting to be a light at the end of the tunnel, but I know I could finish it soon if I worked hard- and that's what I need to do.

So with that, I'm going to leave you with a quote by old T.J. "I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." Here's to hard work!

Hope to see less of each other next time!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday Monday W43

Sunday, I woke up early and got in a 2.7 mile run before church +3 activity points. After the run, I had a nanner for breakfast 2pts.

Its been so pretty here with the leaves changing colors we took some pictures in the front yard after church.

For lunch, I had mac n cheese and pb&j 11pts.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and running errands until I discovered we were doing a pot-luck thanksgiving with some friends and had to run out and get a ham so we had something to bring. If I would have remembered this, I wouldn't have had so many points for lunch! Oops! I must have spent all of my weekly points Sunday between the wine and food.
Home made mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans and asparagus, Gouda stuffed croissants, honey baked ham, and broccoli casserole!
chris chowing down

Allison and Thornhill

Monday was a catastrophe! Some one brought carrot cake to the office. I am being conservative and guessing 14pts on the cake I snacked on alllllll day. I had a smart ones for lunch 5pts (because I added mozzerella).
Carrot cake- aka the devil

Dinner was leftovers from the night before. I estimate 15pts. Uhg. Thanksgiving week is not starting well.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend W42

Its been a good weekend by my count and we're starting to get geared up for the holidays in Charlottesville. Here's a recap of my Friday and Saturday eats (and drinks)!

FRIDAY: Harry Potter 7

Friday was work as usual. I missed breakfast because I was in a rush. I ate lunch a little early and had 1/2 of it down before I remembered to take a picture! Goat Cheese Asparagus Pasta 7pts.

It was mostly a normal work day for me, other than the fact that I worked 12 hours. I had soooo much to do and didn't finish everything I was working on before Cait picked me up to see HARRY POTTER 7 PART ONE! I didn't dress up, but it was super fun to see every one who did. There was a death eater in the back row. :)

After the movie, I picked Matt up from GSEC bar night. I still hadn't eaten dinner so I met up with Jamie and Chris for 2 beers 6pts and some food. We split nachos and a pretzel. Look how giant the pretzel was!!!! 

Its dark, but it's as big as my head!
My serving was about 8pts.

Points: 21/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 35 remaining
Exercise: none
Weekly Activity Points: 1/1
Weekly Weight Loss: -no weigh in so far / -34.0 total

SATURDAY: Potatoes, Anyone?

Saturday morning I was still pretty tired from getting home late, but I still got up to go to an educational conference at Kale Elem. It was kind of fun. The speaker was entertaining anyway. I got home from that around lunch time, famished. I had a potato with light butter and 2% cheese for 6pts.

The rest of the day, I cleaned, worked on my thesis and basically reset from the week. I made baked fries for dinner. Yes, I realize the nutritional value of my day was questionable. 10pts for the fries.
and some more
I watched part of the Razorback game at brad's with Matt and had a Bud Light there 2pts.

Points: 18/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 35 remaining
Exercise: none
Weekly Activity Points: 1/1
Weekly Weight Loss: -no weigh in so far / -34.0 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday-Thursday W42.

Why, Casey, I thought you said you were dedicated to posting...I thought you said that you'd post 6/7 days per week. Where have you been and why must you lie? Well, I'm glad you ask, my friends. I had great intentions of posting everyday since Tuesday, but then life and good times got in the way. Plus, Matt is finally well so I've been kicking it with him a lot since I feel like I haven't seen him in a week!

Anyway, despite my absence here, I did photograph my food so here's the recap.

Tuesday was a long work day. I had a cliff bar 2pts for breakfast.

For lunch, I had goat cheese asparagus pasta 7pts.
One of my favorites! I have missed this!
For dinner I had the last of the fiesta chicken and rice bake 6pts, and a few saltines with ff cream cheese 1pt.
Delicious as always

After dinner, I went back to work an event with my boss and a co-worker. We grabbed a beer at the Horse and Hound afterward 4pts. It was great to unwind.

Points: 20/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 35 remaining
Exercise: walk to work. even that hurt my knee
Weekly Activity Points: 1/1
Weekly Weight Loss: -no weigh in so far / -34.0 total

Wednesday was a loooooooooong day. Of course when one thing goes wrong, all hell decides to break loose on your day. My students were trying to say the least. I was exhausted from staying out too late the night before, it was pouring down rain, I discovered I am allergic to some rusk conditioner I bought so my head itched all day. Uhg. On the up side- I did get a lot written on my thesis. I had a cliff bar for breakfast 2pts.

For lunch, I had a bodos egg bagel 10pts. Bad use of points.

After work Tuesday, I went to Jamie and Chris's for our Wed tv line up. Jamie cooked for us and it was AMAZING. Not diet friendly, but still awesome. He made hot wings (I had two) 4pts, breadsticks (I had one) 2pts, and pizza (I had two slices) 9pts. I also had a "Big Joe" amount of wine for those of you familiar with Cougar Town 8pts. After the shows, we met up with some friends at South Street for a beer 3pts. Points failure Wednesday.

Points: 38/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 15 used / 20 remaining
Exercise: none
Weekly Activity Points: 1/1
Weekly Weight Loss: -no weigh in so far / -34.0 total

Which brings me to today. I was a little fragile this morning. Too much wine too late of a bed time. I skipped breakfast...and the majority of my morning routine! I didn't eat until my lunch break at work which I kept having to push back due to a long winded parent on the phone. It was probably 2pm before I could shove down my cold (by that time) smart ones 4pts. I also had a piece of toffee 2pts.
It doesn't look appetizing because I must have had to reheat it 3 times before I could finally sit down and eat it!!
Toffee- Thanks Corporate LearningRx!
By the time work ended I was ready for a break. Work was awesome, my students were a blast to work with today so it was a great change from yesterday. Even my autistic student was a model child. Maybe karma from the crappy day the day before? Despite work being super fun and enjoyable, I was ready to get home. Matt and I went on a date to Baja Bean for dinner. I had some chips and pico de gallo 6pts, some fries 4pts, and some garlic chipolte shrimp and rice 4pts. I am completely stuffed and that was 3 hrs ago. My eyes are bigger than my stomach- not to mention I was starving by the time dinner rolled around.
Love me some fresh chips!

My shrimp (and fries) I am probably the only person who gets fries at a mexican restaurant. Don't lie- you know you want to but are just too ashamed. Fries and I have a long standing open love affair, we are not ashamed.

Didn't finish!
Spending the rest of the night cleaning, thesising, and listening to Matt run through his quals. Going to try and wake up early tomorrow. We'll see how that goes!

Points: 20/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 35 remaining
Exercise: none
Weekly Activity Points: 1/1
Weekly Weight Loss: -no weigh in so far / -34.0 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy New Start Day! Mon W42.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope its been a good one! I am back to tracking. How many times do I have to say that and then fall off the band wagon within a few weeks. Maybe I should make the blog a having a hell of a good time blog because I feel like I could consistently write about that. :) My goal is just going to be to write 6/7 days a week until Christmas- except while I'm out of town. I think that's reasonable.

Anyway, I had a cliff bar for breakfast before my 1st student. 2pts.

For lunch, I had a pb&j 4pts with water, and snacked on some water crackers with cream cheese 1pt.
These are so good! I love cream cheese!
I walked back to work after lunch. +1 activity pt for the mile and a half. I am LOVING the fall weather.

After my last student, Matt picked me up and I opted to skip (gasp) my WW meeting (and weigh in). I also skipped my standing running date with Rebecca because after my Saturday run, my left knee has been killing me so I'm icing it down now. Matt and I went to chic-fil-a for dinner. Free kids meal night! I had a FREE kids meal 6pc 12pts.

After dinner, we went to the grocery and picked up necessities for the week. I haven't been eating too hot this past week so I needed some inspiration. 

I cleaned and cooked when I got home. I'm excited about my healthy eats this week! I made goat cheese asparagus pasta! I had a few bites for 2pts.

Points: 21/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 35 remaining
Exercise: walk to work. even that hurt my knee
Weekly Activity Points: 1/1
Weekly Weight Loss: -no weigh in so far / -34.0 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

Now, for the photo recap of last week. I actually did photograph a lot of my food and beverages, just never sat down and blogged it.
cliff bar

different cliff bar

smart ones

fiesta chicken



more cliff bars

light pringles

this is a SMALL Ralph Lauren sweater dress. I want it super bad.

cottage cheese

chicken wrap and fries

water chips and cheese...I had like 18 of these

MORE cliff bars...I have a problem

Smart Ones


More water crackers and cheese

chicken wrap

organic baked fries

our cornhole set got a work out this weekend.
Chineese Buffet
Toasted Almond Martini from Bang- aka heaven in a glass