Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend W40

This weekend was fun and eventful with far too much work play and far too little play work. :) I hope it was the same for you all! First, if you missed my first LBD Challenge Photos, check them out HERE. They're not pretty so prepare yourselves.

Saturday, I had a Cliff Bar for breakfast 2pts before going to work for a few hours.
I'm almost out of these guys! Time to restock.
I had lunch with Cait and Matt at Bodos. I got a salad (even though I totally wanted a bagel with sausage and cheese!). I was trying to be good since we were going out with friends that evening. It was romaine with honey dijon vinaigrette with ham.  I ate about 1/2 the salad for 4pts.

 Before and after of my salad. I couldn't finish it all.

We had a kind of lazy day after that; Matt and I just spent some time together cleaning the house and playing with Bear. I painted my nails with the polish I got for my birthday. Color inspired by Erica at Fashion Meets Food.
Nice Autumn Color
I also went shopping for some winter accessories and got some leggings, and this hat! Which I am now in love with and want to wear every day.

Friday night, we went to the range/lawn (at TJ's Rotunda) and had some venison chili and beer with friends from school. They had a fire going, but I avoided the smores, thank goodness! I'm guessing my chili portion was about 6pts with a small piece of cornbread for 2pts. I am also estimating I had 10pts of beer that night. 
The Chili was SOOOO Good!
It was a great night. We ended up sitting outside, playing pictionary/cards and chatting inside, climbing a tree and hanging out. We sound like 8 year olds, but 24-30 year olds can play too!
Chris Petz in the tree we would all eventually end up in
Points: 24/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 29 used / 6 remaining
Exercise: climbing trees
Weekly Activity Points: 0/10
Weekly Weight Loss: -.6 lbs / -30.4 total

Water: I didn't pay attention

Sunday was less eventful than Saturday, but equally as enjoyable. I had a cliff bar for breakfast 2pts.

Matt was at work all day so I went browsing...a substitute for shopping when you're poor. I did end up buying one thing- Old Navy was doing 1/2 off all outerwear and it has been getting progressively colder here- so I got this jacket which is really cozy. Pretty sure I say this every post, but I hate cold weather!

 For lunch, I had fiesta chicken and rice bake, a small serving for 5pts.

I worked a little on my thesis, painted my toe nails, plucked my eyebrows, took a bubble bath and did girly things all afternoon until Matt was ready to be picked up from work. I had a brief nap when we came home before we met up with Chris to get some pizza and beer at Mellow. I had a pretzel 5pts, and 2 slices of bbq pizza 11pts. I totally didn't need the second piece, it was too good though!!

I also had about 10pts of beer while out. We stayed for a while and played big buck hunter and chatted. Chris came over for a bit and played video games with Matt for a bit before I called it a night and hit the hay.

So if you'll notice, I didn't follow through with the pact I made myself to be completely OP for 30 days (you can read about that decision here). I exceeded my weekly points by 4. I'm not ditching the 30 day goal, I'm just going to try and do better this week.

Points: 33/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 39 used / -4 remaining
Exercise: climbing trees
Weekly Activity Points: 0/10
Weekly Weight Loss: -.6 lbs / -30.4 total

Water: 50 oz.


  1. Looks like a fun weekend!! I love all the pampering you did on Sunday...I could totally go for that right now! :)

  2. You know I am loving that nail polish color!!! Not to mention your hat is way too cute!



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