Monday, November 8, 2010

LBD Challenge: Initial Photos

10 Weeks to Christmas Challenge!!!

So 9 Weeks to the end of the year ladies and gents and you may have read about the 10 week challenge I joined at Scale Warfare (if not, check out my post about joining, here). I made to goal of fitting into my little black dress from j.crew. Every week, I am going to post a picture of me in the dress, and hopefully, around Christmas you'll see some pictures of my wearing it out and looking fine...or at least not a hot mess.

Here are the first pictures for you!
Side view
At this point I didn't think I was fully capturing how disastrous it really looks right now so I took some close ups. These are painful.

Its really tight on my butt, but hey when I bought it, it wouldn't even zip! OK, so I'll take some more this Saturday and put them up for you. Maybe it won't take so long to get into next time!!


  1. I'm sure you will fit in that dress in some weeks! Tt's a great idea to have a target outfit like that! (and such a beautiful one!)

  2. dude, you look hott. i know you will like the way it fits even better in a few weeks, but man, look at that pics, baby, and say "hells ya!"

  3. Loving the challenge. I am sure you`re going to look amazing. You already look fab in that dress. It's gorgeous!



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