Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sore Thursday W40

Second post of the day today. I am wiped out! It is only 9:45 and can you believe this is the last thing I am doing before my head hits my pillow? Seriously wiped.

Before work today, I had an english muffin 1pt with laughing cow cheese 1 pt before heading out. Matt toasted it for me while I was getting ready :)

Its been a rainy gross day today, but I was indoors most of it at LearningRx. It was busy. I had a lot of training and a lot of things on my to do list. Most of the time I like the business, but this time, I was just plain tired.

I tried to branch out from my usual smart ones for lunch today. I brought some fiesta chicken rice bake and steamed broccoli for lunch. The chicken was a small portion 5pts and the steamed broccoli was 0pts. The broccoli kind of sucked really. The rice bake was great though. Its from Darci's blog- check it out today for her recap of how her life has changed through her healthy blogging in the last two years if you didn't already from my post earlier today.

Me after my yoga class. Feelin proud and sassy!
After work, I booked it to yoga. I am CRAZY sore from Tuesday's yoga sesh still, but I dragged my butt there anyway. I took it easier in the class today so I didn't get my 5 activity points for the hour and a half like Tuesday. I'm guessing it was between +3 and 4 activity points. I'm proud of myself for making it there even though I was too sore to do a lot of the things. After yoga, I stopped at Kroger to get gas and LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR! Ooops! Cait and Matt came to save me, but not before I had time to scout out some more healthful treats inside!!

For dinner, I decided to hit up the rotisserie chicken veggie orzo pasta. I had a cup and a half for 8pts and some perrier water 0pts for dinner. I grabbed a few pretzels and shoved them down before yoga so I didn't have a blood sugar crash like tuesday and I grabbed about 3 more after dinner for a total of 1pt.

So, I've been saying I wanted to join Scale Warfare's 10 Weeks to Christmas Challenge. Well, I've figured out how! My goal is going to be to fit into my Little Black Dress (LBD). I have actually never worn the dress I'm talking about. It's a J. Crew one shoulder dress that I wanted forever but never had the money to get. I found it at a warehouse a sample sale for a lot cheaper than retail and bought the only size they had- sz. 8, and a small size 8. Currently I'm in a 10, so we'll see how far I get. I think its a good challenge because its not a number it has to do with changing my body shape too. I'll be encouraged to keep on going to yoga and keep running as well as eating healthy! My reward is going to be a splurge on some fashion item- either a Columbia coat, UGG boots, or something similar. If any of you are looking for some motivation to achieve a goal within your reach by Christmas, join Scale Warfare's Challenge too! Don't forget to link back to her!

Points: 16/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 2 used / 33 remaining
Exercise: yoga
Weekly Activity Points: 3/10
Weekly Weight Loss: -.6 lbs / -30.4 total

Water: 55 oz. (still need to work on this one! Glad I'm tracking it now!)

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  1. ugh, i hate it when i lock my keys in my car!!!

    good luck w/the Christmas Challenge! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Can't wait to see you rocking that little black dress!!! :D


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