Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy New Start Day! Mon W42.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope its been a good one! I am back to tracking. How many times do I have to say that and then fall off the band wagon within a few weeks. Maybe I should make the blog a having a hell of a good time blog because I feel like I could consistently write about that. :) My goal is just going to be to write 6/7 days a week until Christmas- except while I'm out of town. I think that's reasonable.

Anyway, I had a cliff bar for breakfast before my 1st student. 2pts.

For lunch, I had a pb&j 4pts with water, and snacked on some water crackers with cream cheese 1pt.
These are so good! I love cream cheese!
I walked back to work after lunch. +1 activity pt for the mile and a half. I am LOVING the fall weather.

After my last student, Matt picked me up and I opted to skip (gasp) my WW meeting (and weigh in). I also skipped my standing running date with Rebecca because after my Saturday run, my left knee has been killing me so I'm icing it down now. Matt and I went to chic-fil-a for dinner. Free kids meal night! I had a FREE kids meal 6pc 12pts.

After dinner, we went to the grocery and picked up necessities for the week. I haven't been eating too hot this past week so I needed some inspiration. 

I cleaned and cooked when I got home. I'm excited about my healthy eats this week! I made goat cheese asparagus pasta! I had a few bites for 2pts.

Points: 21/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 35 remaining
Exercise: walk to work. even that hurt my knee
Weekly Activity Points: 1/1
Weekly Weight Loss: -no weigh in so far / -34.0 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

Now, for the photo recap of last week. I actually did photograph a lot of my food and beverages, just never sat down and blogged it.
cliff bar

different cliff bar

smart ones

fiesta chicken



more cliff bars

light pringles

this is a SMALL Ralph Lauren sweater dress. I want it super bad.

cottage cheese

chicken wrap and fries

water chips and cheese...I had like 18 of these

MORE cliff bars...I have a problem

Smart Ones


More water crackers and cheese

chicken wrap

organic baked fries

our cornhole set got a work out this weekend.
Chineese Buffet
Toasted Almond Martini from Bang- aka heaven in a glass

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  1. All your food looks like all sorts of amazingness! I am now craving a chicken wrap. Also you might want to remove the credit card pictures because you can read the numbers pretty well, and people are pretty creepy.



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