Saturday, March 31, 2012

3/30 TGIF and Back on Track

Yesterday was a fairly busy day at work. I had a green smoothie for breakfast for 200 calories.

For lunch, I had a salad with grilled chicken and ranch for 300 calories.
[lunch not pictured]

I got off work close to 7:30 and took Matt on a date to sushi love to make up for the lost time together. I had miso soup and a roll and a half of sushi [philly and shrimp rolls] (650 calories). It was delicious. I also had a sapporo beer (140 calories).

Total Calories: 1,300
Exercise: None

3/29 Thursday Off the Wagon

Today wasn't so hot in terms of smart choices. It was all fine until movie night- more on that later. For breakfast, I had a probiotic smoothie for 60 calories - not nearly enough. I was tired all morning.

Work was interesting Thursday morning. In the morning, I went into a public elementary school to meet a guidance counselor and some teachers we will be working with in the future. It made me so glad I have to opportunity to work in an educational position outside of the school system. The students were scheduled to take mock SOLs that day. The computer systems were down. So for an hour and forty-five minutes (that I saw) the teachers and students were stuck hitting refresh on their computers waiting for the systems to come back on. Both teachers and students were going bonkers! It was a little stressful to see all that time wasted and no one could do anything about it.

For lunch, I grabbed a buffalo chicken sandwich from which which for 500 calories.

For dinner, I had ~ 1c. of shrimp for 200 calories.

And that's when shit got real. I had a light frapuccino for 180 calories at starbucks while chatting with a work friend.

Then Matt and I had close to 1,000 calories of chips and salsa while watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I just finished rereading it. Booo.

Total: 2,088 calories
Exercise: none

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Wednesday was an average day at work. I had a probiotic smoothie and coffee for breakfast for 80 calories.

 I have set a goal of taking [and eating] two lunches or more each week. This is mainly for budgetary reasons, but it does help with health too! For lunch, I had 2 baked sweet potatoes with butter for 400 calories- noms. This was the second day I packed my lunch this week.

I had a handful of nuts before dinner for 100 calories. For dinner, I had an Amy's tofu stir fry with rice noodles. The veggies were good, but the noodles were overcooked. The meal was 300 calories.

I read for much of the rest of the night and talked to Matt about some service projects we want to get started on. Overall a pretty chill evening. I had some green smoothie while reading for 140 calories.

Bear sat on my lap while I read.

Calories: 1,040
Exercise: none!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3/27 Work, Work, Work

It has been crazy at work this week. The end of the month is always the most crammed. Honestly, I love what I do- I get the chance to change people's lives every day, I feel rewarded when I work overtime, and I love it when I can calm a parent or child's concerns through a little extra TLC. No one enters the education business for money. ;) It can be tiring though.

Y'day, I had 1c. of green smoothie for breakfast for 140 calories, a fried egg for 70 calories w/ some salsa, and a cup of coffee.

For lunch I had a spring salad with grilled chicken, ranch, and cherry tomatoes for ~300 calories.
[lunch not pictured]

For dinner, I had a small grilled steak, roasted asparagus, and 1/2 a slice of gluten free toast. ~500 calories.

For desert, I had a nonfat bio Kefir drink [probiotic supplement] for 60 calories.

I squeezed in a moderate intensity 30 minute work out on the cross trainer and a 30 minute walk with the fam.

Total: ~1,000 calories

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's time

It's time to start again. Its time to get going toward some fitness goals. This morning I weighed 161.6 lbs. Meaning I have kept over 35 lbs off for about a year and a half. In my book, that's some pretty good progress. In addition, exercise and healthy practices are a part of my daily life now and hadn't been for about 5 years before I started this process.

I'm opening the blog up publicly now, which has been closed for about 6 months since I've been floundering. I'm not following any particular plan at the moment, just mindfulness. I'm going to see how I do at this and we'll go from there. 

Here's to progress and some kick ass results before summa time!