Thursday, March 29, 2012


Wednesday was an average day at work. I had a probiotic smoothie and coffee for breakfast for 80 calories.

 I have set a goal of taking [and eating] two lunches or more each week. This is mainly for budgetary reasons, but it does help with health too! For lunch, I had 2 baked sweet potatoes with butter for 400 calories- noms. This was the second day I packed my lunch this week.

I had a handful of nuts before dinner for 100 calories. For dinner, I had an Amy's tofu stir fry with rice noodles. The veggies were good, but the noodles were overcooked. The meal was 300 calories.

I read for much of the rest of the night and talked to Matt about some service projects we want to get started on. Overall a pretty chill evening. I had some green smoothie while reading for 140 calories.

Bear sat on my lap while I read.

Calories: 1,040
Exercise: none!

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