Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3/27 Work, Work, Work

It has been crazy at work this week. The end of the month is always the most crammed. Honestly, I love what I do- I get the chance to change people's lives every day, I feel rewarded when I work overtime, and I love it when I can calm a parent or child's concerns through a little extra TLC. No one enters the education business for money. ;) It can be tiring though.

Y'day, I had 1c. of green smoothie for breakfast for 140 calories, a fried egg for 70 calories w/ some salsa, and a cup of coffee.

For lunch I had a spring salad with grilled chicken, ranch, and cherry tomatoes for ~300 calories.
[lunch not pictured]

For dinner, I had a small grilled steak, roasted asparagus, and 1/2 a slice of gluten free toast. ~500 calories.

For desert, I had a nonfat bio Kefir drink [probiotic supplement] for 60 calories.

I squeezed in a moderate intensity 30 minute work out on the cross trainer and a 30 minute walk with the fam.

Total: ~1,000 calories

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