Saturday, March 31, 2012

3/29 Thursday Off the Wagon

Today wasn't so hot in terms of smart choices. It was all fine until movie night- more on that later. For breakfast, I had a probiotic smoothie for 60 calories - not nearly enough. I was tired all morning.

Work was interesting Thursday morning. In the morning, I went into a public elementary school to meet a guidance counselor and some teachers we will be working with in the future. It made me so glad I have to opportunity to work in an educational position outside of the school system. The students were scheduled to take mock SOLs that day. The computer systems were down. So for an hour and forty-five minutes (that I saw) the teachers and students were stuck hitting refresh on their computers waiting for the systems to come back on. Both teachers and students were going bonkers! It was a little stressful to see all that time wasted and no one could do anything about it.

For lunch, I grabbed a buffalo chicken sandwich from which which for 500 calories.

For dinner, I had ~ 1c. of shrimp for 200 calories.

And that's when shit got real. I had a light frapuccino for 180 calories at starbucks while chatting with a work friend.

Then Matt and I had close to 1,000 calories of chips and salsa while watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I just finished rereading it. Booo.

Total: 2,088 calories
Exercise: none

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