Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday - Kickball and Sons of Bill

I slept in Sunday morning since Megan and I didn't get back from Bridgewater until the wee hours of the night. Matt brought me Bodos for breakfast in bed! 15pt+ for my plain bagel with ham, egg, and american cheese. Geeze Louise, I love these.

We had our Sunday kickball game and it was my first one of the season. I played catcher pretty poorly. We lost the game, but it was nice to be outside and active for a while +3 activity pts.

After the game, Matt and I had dinner at Christians on the downtown mall. I had a slice of pizza for 5pt+.

And the real reason we went down town was the free Sons of Bill concert and celebrating the 100th birthday of The Jefferson Theater, a local music venue in Charlottesville. 

First, go listen to Sons of Bill.

Second, fall in love with Abe.
"I'll sit here and linger on the same old worn out page, and we'll all 
give the finger to the spirit of the age" - Abe Wilson 

Go on, you know you want to. Who doesn't love the youngest brother?

I had a few beers and snacks at the concert for 15pts+ and a late night small fry for 6pt+. No food photos. You'll just have to look at another picture of the band.
The Sons also rising
Sons of Bill

And my sweet new hat.

Hope you had a delightful weekend!

TOTAL: 41/26
ACTIVITY: 3 today / 10 week
Weekly Points: 0 remaining (gotta be careful from here on out!)


Band photos:

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