Sunday, October 14, 2012


Saturday I planned on using a lot of my weekly points to celebrate my bday.

Matt and I had bodos for brunch before heading to work in the lab together for a few hours. Estimated 18pt+ for my ham, egg, and cheese bagel.

After we finished, I spent a little bday money shopping. I didn't get this, but may go back ;).

For dinner, Chris, mike and Liz came over for dinner and drinks before going to the corn maze!! We made mushroom Swiss burgers (I had 1/2), fries, cookies, veggies, and pop corn. I had 11pt+. No pictures!

I had some drinks and snacks during the rest of the celebration for 22pt+. Oof.

It was a lot of fun and one if the best birthdays ever. If you haven't been to the liberty mills corn maze, I highly recommend it!!!

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