Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday - Lab Day

Wednesday was far too long. It started as a "wow its only Wednesday??" day and ended as a "holy mother of God, can Armageddon come and end this day?" I got to work a little before 7 to work with a student and her trainer. I subsisted on coffee until close to 9 when I popped back home for an omlet 3pt+. I grabbed an apple and some peanut butter at the last minute to give me some staying power for 3pt+ before my 10am meeting.

...which lasted for ev er

...chatty parents are great for so many reasons. The number one reason being, its generally an indicator that they are heavily involved in their kids lives, which I loveloveloveloveloveLOVE. #goodparentsstrongfoundations HOWEVER, as I work very closely with parents, it often means I have no clue how long meetings are going to take and my schedule ends up changing a lot every day. Normally a great thing, but when you're carpooling to and from work, notsomuch. When you forget your lunch and your hubby has already left with the car because your meeting ran over and he assumed you changed your schedule, notsomuch. 

Pretty Much...
Moving on. No lunch for Casey. Left work around 5 and stuffed this in my face for 10pt+.

Before heading out on a ~3mi run. Megan and I ran our normal loop and I thought I was going to die. I got a headache midway through and walked 1/4 mile to recover before jogging the rest of the way home. +5 activity points.

After the run, Matt and I scampered up to my old grad school lab to work on a project for his research. Matt is actually doing some thermal and structural charecterization of the thin film aerogels I fabricated for my master's thesis. I'm now broadening the fabrication techniques to look at the impact on their properties. #nerdout

We had a few processes where we literally had to pour a chemical onto the gels and wait two hours before doing anything else, so we hopped down Ohill to Fry Springs Station for a brew. I got the Victoria Lager, my favorite Devil's Backbone beer. We crossed the street to Durty Nelly's pub when Fry Springs closed for another beer, some chips and salsa, and some photohunt. 12pt+ outing.

TOTAL: 28/26
ACTIVITY: 5 day / 11 week
Weekly Points: 9 remaining


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