Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Matt and I got going late on Tuesday. I needed the car in the evening so we had to carpool. I had kombucha for breakfast for 1pt.

I listened to extremely boring webinars most of the day about our new marketing platform. One of those tasks you put off at work until you just know you're getting behind. I'm planning on finishing them Wednesday and updating the system in the afternoon. #boredeasily 

For lunch, I had Santa Fe Style Stuffed Peppers from Gina's blog. I didn't use LF cheese, and I added a little sour cream so I added 2pt+ to the peppers making them 6pt+

Stop what you're doing and make these now

Look at all the good stuff that went into them! Jalepenos, turkey, tomato, black beans, onions, cilantro - can't go wrong with that.

I went to a rejuvenation yoga session at A Place to Breathe. It was really relaxing. WW estimates +4 activity pts [It felt more like 3] for the hour and fifteen minute session. My legs are slightly sore this morning.

Matt and I did some quick lab work before heading home to make dinner and watch the debates. I grabbed a few falafel chips to tide me over before dinner 3pt+.

Matt grilled salmon, asparagus, and zucchini. I had 1/3 piece of salmon and lots of veggies for 7pt+. Amazing! I also had a small glass of wine for 3pt+.

I must have whine wine with my politics. Did anyone else watch the debates. I actually really enjoyed last night's debate despite generally not liking the town hall style. I thought the moderator did a great job at coming off non-partisan and giving both candidates equal opportunity. Obama and Romney did get heated at some points, but I think the questions that were asked were great ones. Did anyone come away with any "aha's"? Other than, "Wow, these guys don't like each other despite what they're saying."

TOTAL: 21/26 [first day I've stayed under, what what!]
ACTIVITY: 4 today/ 6 week
Weekly Points: 11 remaining 

Hope to see less of each other next time!


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