Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday Funday

Monday was incredibly long, but overall good. I started the day off with a walk into work for +2 activity points.

Liz and I grabbed lunch at Guadalajara for lunch. That place is like a magnet to us! I had a few chips and a cup of chicken soup for 9pt+.

After work, Chris was driving through our neighborhood with some sweet furniture he picked up on Craigslist. We sat on the couch in the back of his truck talking and enjoying the perfect fall weather. Matt and I had planned to get some lab work done in the evening, but weren't ready to stop hanging out so the three of us went to Fry Spring's for dinner and drinks. I had two glasses of pinot grigio, steamed mussels, and two slices of pizza for 22pt+.

After dinner, we went and worked in the aerogel lab for about an hour and walked around on the Rivanna Trail checking out the woods and moon +2 activity pts. It was a good night. I had a beer on our walk for 5pt+. (Digging into my activity points for the week. I've never done that before.)

TOTAL: 36/26
ACTIVITY: 4 today / 14 week
Weekly Points: 0 remaining (4 activity remaining)


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