Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/6 - Catching Up

Monday was crazy, Tuesday was crazy, today I'm finally catching my breath and getting back to routine productivity.

Monday, I had scrambled egg whites with one whole egg and a tangerine for breakfast for 2pt+.

For lunch, I had a kale mushroom lasagna roll-up, tangerine, and side salad consisting of spring mix, broccoli slaw, and goddess dressing (an old favorite) for 7pt+. The lasagna roll-up idea is brilliant for portion control and only 6pt+.

Photos of the roll-up process from Sunday food prep.

For dinner, I had some more pumpkin and black bean chili with a piece of bread for 9pt+.

After dinner, I headed to our YoungLives monthly mentor meeting. I do love the group, but working in a really fast paced environment where meetings are efficient as possible and if you waste time you are essentially shunned, I get a stressed out going through an agenda at a snail's pace, getting off topic, and discussions that could easily be resolved by involving technology and fact checkers.

I'm thinking:
"Let's go go GO! Get this shit done. November 16th? 5pm, I'm good with that. Bring blankets, pillows, mentee, and baby. Got it." 

They're thinking: 
"November 16th? That's my cousin's cat's baby dady's birthday...speaking of that...his name is Fred" 
"Oh! Fred? I know him." 
"No, Fred's a cat." 
"Oh, well Fred Smith is nice."
"What was the date again?"

OMG, We met for over two hours and made something like....3 decisions. I wanted to jump out of my skin. Somehow I don't think I will ever be gifted to work in the non profit sector full-time. I had work to do when I got home (I was on a deadline for getting an editorial piece to a magazine that I hadn't finished.), and all I was thinking the whole time was how far behind I was! Not a good frame of mind to volunteer with unfortunately.

Our apt is taking a week off of having alcohol in an effort to work on productive life habits and get over our chronic colds - meaning our normal decompression with a glass of wine with an episode of 24 was out of the question. So when I got home pretty frazzled, Megan and I went to grab chips and salsa to decompress. I had 9pts+ of chips and salsa and 6pt+ of two reese's cups.

Decompression complete.

TOTAL: 33/26
ACTIVITY: 4 today / 14 weekly
Weekly Points: 42 remaining

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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