Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eeeee So Busy!

In the midst of working 55+ hours/week over the last two weeks trying to get everything ready for leaving the country. I am trying to get back on top of eating and everything. I was at 161.0 lbs on Monday which is pretty high for me. I'm below it now, but it's still the Monday benchmark.

My plan right now is to get through the next few weeks and then attack dieting hard. Once I get through this weekend (graduation and working another 60 hour week), Matt and I head out of the country Tuesday for nearly two weeks. We're going to Scotland and England. I am pretty pumped. Any readers out there in the UK want a visit!? :)

Food for today:
Lemonade breakfast 110 calories- not pictured

Lunch: Lean Cuisine 270 calories

Snack: Pretzels 110 calories not pictured
Dinner: Salad 150 calories, feta, spinach, walnuts, craizins, balsamic

Snack: baked fries 350 calories?

Total: 890, not enough but was too busy to get more in!

Much love!

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