Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kaler Chips

That which does not Kale us makes us stronger (Nietzche)...I could keep going. Kale me now. OK I'm done.

Every time I jump back on the diet train, I end up unpacking my grocery bags with my husband staring at tons of unfamiliar foods with labels in different languages, or unlabeled produce that "I think is a cumquat, but the piles of cumquats and Ugli fruits were right next to each other at Whole foods, so I'm not really sure..."

Sometimes it ends in some really great discoveries (or rediscoveries)...and sometimes in disastrous substitutions for our staples. Its always an adventure.

One adventure I've been avoiding like the bubonic plague despite its cameos on some of my favorite blogs is Kale. I already pushed my experimentation limits when I put spinach in my once pretty and pink smoothies. Kale has just been too much to digest (literally?).

Until now. I broke. I made Kale chips.

And I remain broken. 

I am confused.

And a little worried.

I'm not really sure what happened during the 15 minutes this nasty green thing and I were separated by an oven door, but they weren't terrible. They were actually good enough for me to scarf down umm...all of them. 

Matt didn't hate them and said he'd eat a crispy salad with them which is a minor miracle considering his consistent diet of red meat and processed cheese. 

Anyway- Kale chips are a success. I added about 1 tsp of parm over them all which was not detectible in the finished product. I think garlic powder or chili powder would be best.

I followed this video to make my Kale chips at 350 F for 13 minutes.


I Kale myself for my body (Cher).

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  1. LOL. I LITERALLY am laughing out loud. never eaten kale chips. will try them. chris is skeptical.


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