Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday Tuesday

I may have to start posting every other day. That's how my schedule's looking so far. How do full time plus people maintain blogs??

Before I complain too much- Monday was actually my day off. Matt and I spent most of Sunday and Monday restoring our humble abode to working order. Cleaning, grocery shopping, getting rid of old clothes, laundry, etc. 

We went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. They came out with a new Fit a Trim section of the menu which is awesome. It says entrees under 700 calories which I originally though was awful, but their petite portions section offered many options under 400 calories! I got the sirloin, potatoes, and veggies for 330ish calories.

Ruby Tuesday: Petite Bites Serloin 334 calories

 We also found some time to hit up the pool. Dinner was chick-fil-a. I had an 8 pc nugget and medium fry for 530 calories.

Breakfast Monday was a Hardees egg and cheese biscuit for 430 calories and 10 pts.

Lunch was pb&j for ~230 calories.

I didn't get off work until after 9pm. I was starving. We went to Mellow for dinner and had a lot of food.

2 Beers

2 Pretzels

2 slices of pizza

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