Friday, December 9, 2011

4HB- Week 1 so far

I feel like I've eaten a lot of food- but not particularly anything I crave. I've cooked more meat this week than I normally do in a month. Just from estimating each day, I am eating ~50-60 ww pts+ each day...approximately double what I should be having. I was out of weekly points on Wednesday. 
omlet, bean, spinach, sausage, avocado scramble

green beans with bacon, asparagus, and filet

Matt and I are averaging a bottle/night since we get 2 glasses per day!




quiche with cottage cheese, salsa, egg, spinach, mushrooms, and sausage links

mixed nuts

dressed up for my bout on the news

philly cheese steak fixins with no bread or cheese...I had 2 plates!!!!

+1 1/2 tsp mayo (allowed in moderation)

grilled butter chicken with black bean and corn salsa

northern beans, quiche, and sausage

salad with ginger and sunflower seed oil dressing

boiled eggs

northern beans

more nuts (noms)


So far, it seems to be going well. Could be water weight. I'll post on Monday. I was so worried I would gain doing this bc I am estimating I'm eating close to 2,500-3,000 calories a day. eeeeeeeeek! So far no gain though. Tomorrow is the free day and I'm a little nervous.


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