Sunday, December 11, 2011

4hb: 1st weekend and binge day

So part of the four hour body, includes one day a week where you take off the diet and do whatever you want. I went a little overboard and felt sick trying to eat all of my no no's that I don't get durning the week, but Ferris assures that it shouldn't hurt anything and to go nuts if you want....we'll see.
philly cheese steak innards

quche with salsa, and black bean and corn salsa, high protein breakfast before binge

coffee w/ cinnamon

Matt and my "no no's," cheetoes, reese's pieces, chex mix, and nutter butters for our drive to NC

my chex!

Cheese plate with good beer for pre-dinner :) We had pad thai for dinner. 

French fries that I could barely stuff down...don't worry, I made it

Post binge breakfast- egg, veggie, ham omelet. I still felt full from the day before

Brussel sprouts with cheese steak fixins.

chipotle burrito bowl with- chicken, black beans, guacamole, lettuce, corn salsa, pico, medium salsa and romaine. NOMSSSS.
We'll see how the weigh in goes...I am not optimistic.


  1. You know I have never had a philly cheesesteak before! Hope you are having a lovely day! xo


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