Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/15 - Tuesday

Tuesday was a long day at work for me. I will be glad when this week is o.v.e.r. I had fruit for breakfast for 0tps+. I bought fruit for a service dinner our work sponsored last week and wound up with wayyyy too much. My goal is to eat it all this week! The bananas were looking the worst so I am trying to make it through them first.

For lunch, I went to one of my favorite places in Charlottesville, Feast! They are  a local grocery, cafe and cheese shop that specializes in high quality local foods. Their mission is "to offer Feast! customers the best in service and quality. To be a vital and responsible business - independently owned and operated - that is a viable alternative to huge, corporate groceries and that develops the unique character and economic advantages that independently owned businesses offer to the community." As far as I'm concerned they've nailed it. Liz and I enjoyed our lunch outside the cafe on Main Street. I got half of a ham, goat cheese, and plum panini with a cup of sweet potato soup for 9pts+. It was a nice treat to get out and about mid-day.

After lunch, I called back some people who interviewed with us over the last few weeks to give them feedback. Unfortunately, we haven't found the right person yet, but I feel that when we do, it will have been well worth the wait. 

I got off work around 8 and made it home for a late dinner with the hubby. I had some falafel chips and humus (only 2) while cooking for 1pt+.

Dinner was AH-mazing. I had baked fries 6pts+ with a sweet apple chicken sausage fold-it. YUM. Definitely going to make this again. On the fold-it was 2/3 of a sausage, 1tsp feta cheese, spring mix, apples, and balsamic for 5pts+. I also had a few bites of the apple 0pts+ and honey mustard 2pts+

Total: 22/27

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  1. casey! its been a while since I've commented...I had to go back & catch up! YOu make me want to take food pics again :)

    I've already wanted to try the fold it's...and chicken sausage! MIght have to add it to the grocery list this week


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