Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/21 - Monday

Gracious, its only Tuesday? My brain feels like its Friday! I missed breakfast Monday because I had to hop right in to meetings at work. By lunch I was starved. I got to enjoy a nice break outside eating my 10pt+ salad. It had cranberries, mandrin oranges, walnuts, and goat cheese with raspberry vinaigrette. 

It wasn't until after 7:30 when I headed home. I had a banana for 0pts+ to snack while we made dinner.

I had grilled shrimp on a flat out with a little fetta and light ranch for 6pts+ with falafel chips and humus for 4pts+ and artichoke 0pts+.

As a snack, I had gold fish for 3pts+.

Around 9:30, Matt and I took the pooch for ~ a 3mi walk for +2 activity points. I was glad to get moving and get my mind off work. Personal goal this week - work 8 hours or less at least one day this week. These 10+ hour days are killing my mojo and draining me. I volunteered to work late Monday, but Tuesday was out of control. More on that tomorrow! 

Total: 23/26
Activity: 2/2

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