Friday, May 18, 2012

5/16 - Wednesday

I promised myself I would get off work early on Wednesday (by early, I mean an 8 hour day). My ability to leave the office on time has escaped me this past week. I've slipped back in to 10 hour days being the norm, and that's no good. Its not that I mind working late, I love my job; its just that I can hyper focus and be really perfectionist to where it is the only thing I do. I end up spending all the wonderful summer daylight at work and get off at night when I can't spend time outside. 

For breakfast, I had the last banana for 0pts+

For lunch, I went to Which Which and got their black bean bowl which I LOVE. I got it with humus, olives, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. So filling for 7pts+.

One of the girls made short bread at work. I had two squares for 8pts+. Of course, I did not manage to get off early. I ended up leaving work around 7:15...old habits die hard. 

I had artichoke 0pts+, buffalo shrimp 1pt+, and french fries 6pts+ with honey mustard 2pts+ for dinner. We watched Modern Family while eating and then enjoyed a long walk with the dog +2activity pts.

 I had some cheese and falafel chips after for 2pts+.

Total: 26/27
Activity 2/2

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