Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8/27 - Weird Breakfasts

This weekend, I spent some time out of the house finally. After being in prison bed all week, it was a huge treat to get out.

Pimento cheese dip from Brixx
 I enjoyed dinner out with Liz and Matt Friday night at Brixx. Their chicken tortilla soup - not my favorite, but I figured it was better than getting pizza!

I also realized I needed to go grocery shopping when I woke up Friday to no eggs and had to make a peanut butter and jelly wrap for breakfast...not recommended. 

Also not recommended as a breakfast food - garlic potatoes and green beans...I had that Saturday.

I started working with a teen pregnancy mentorship group a few months ago and we had our meeting Saturday morning early. I had to eat something before spending a few hours talking!

Afterward, I went shopping and got this shirt!

Which I wore to a dinner date with some friends to Beer Run. Love that place.
Veggies and Rice from Beer Run
Dinner was followed by a little bit o beer pong at the house before bed. Bad kids. I had to hit the hay before everyone else because Sunday, we had planned a tubing trip down the James River.
My fancy ear plugs
Breakfast Sunday wasn't much improved from the previous two days...
Sunday breakfast
But it was yummy. We tubed all day and found a bunch of abandoned coolers on one of the beaches. We are gypsies so we collected the coolers, cleaned up the college kids' beer cans from the beach, and made out with a lot of abandoned shoes...its a little shady, but my feet are ok with it.

We ended Sunday with an episode of 24 and bedtime!

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