Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/17 - Monday

Getting over colds are never fun, but I'm on the upswing from a 3 week one. I started tracking again Sunday and am planning on staying on track all week. I had 1/3 cup cottage cheese and a banana for breakfast for 2pts+.

Santa Fe Chicken Salad for lunch for 6pts+.

Kombucha after a Whole Foods run is helping me recover from the heavy antibiotics I've been on! 2pts+

I had Simple Oriental Cabbage Slaw 3pts+, with corn, and shrimp for a total for 6pts+ for dinner.

For a snack later, I had spicy falafel chips with guacamole dip for 2pts+!

Also- I chopped off all my hair!

Total: 18/26 pt+

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  1. Oh my gosh your hair looks so cute!!! Love it!!!!! xo


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