Thursday, September 20, 2012


I wish I didn't want to tell you about my day today (Thursday)....because then I wouldn't feel the need to fill in the gap disaster between my post Monday and tomorrow's post.

Tuesday started off well.
Tuesday morning- happy and healthy
 Good breakfast (4pts+)
Had my protein rich breakfast - 2 eggs, 3 for hubby
Good lunch (5pts+)
Did not eat the falafel chips and guacamole
Decent after work snack (2pts+)
And then this train derailed and hasn't gotten back on track yet! I had 2 small pieces of pizza for dinner from mellow. Did you know a small piece of funky q pizza is 11pts+? I had two. There is a points plus price break somewhere around the 1.5 slice mark and you can get two pieces for 21pts+. I know...quite a deal. I washed it down with a few beers from their pint night 12pts+ and a jello shot 2pts+. Who sells jello shots anymore? More importantly who buys jello shots anymore??? Obviously this kid. After that, there was much singing and dancing - go figure.

7 am Wednesday rolled around way too early and way too blurry. I had a few meetings and was ready for food by lunch time. I skipped the soup I brought for lunch in favor of something more substantial and got a chicken sandwich and fries for 18pts+. For dinner, we had friends over and made spaghetti and rolls for our friends, Cathy and Greg for 14pts+. We are taking weekly bridge lessons from them. Yes, Matt and I are taking bridge lessons. My friends tell me I am an 80 year old residing in a 25 year old body. I am ok with this. 

I put my old soul to bed at the late hour of 10:45. 

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