Monday, April 18, 2011

Weigh In

Good Morning, friends! Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks away from my defense, so I am on the home stretch! I weighed in this morning per my usual Monday and am down 2.8 lbs. Woohoo. Now just gotta get 2-3 1,000 more off by Friday when I head to Charleston (read "the beach") to visit my sisters for Easter. I am so flipping excited to see them!! 

The three of us are best friends and we live 10+ hours from each other. Jamie is a lawyer, clerking for the supreme court in SC, and Shelby is an administrator at a university in TN who just finished her master's degree. I am so proud of them! Interesting fact- we are almost Irish triplets- Jamie is 13 months older than me and Shelby is 15 months younger than me.
My sisters and I (Left to right): Me (middle sister),
Shelby (youngest), Jamie (oldest)
The trip plan happened kind of spur of the moment. Shelby and my hubbies are going to Las Vegas together next weekend for a bachelor party, Shelby had some extra days off work, and I will have my thesis wrapped up by the end of the day today so it just worked out that we could meet and drive to see Jamie.

So how about it- any Charleston bloggers have some must do suggestions? We'll be hitting up the spring festival Friday, maybe some outlet shopping, the beach (of course), and Jamie says there are some roof top bars calling our names.

I am not comitting to posting everyday again until I finish writing my thesis and composing my presentation for the defense. Then you'll see me back at it! I am trying to lose the weight I gained during the last few weeks of writing being sedentary in my bat cave.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Casey you look HOT and in that RED!!!
    Well done on the weight doing so well, be proud!



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