Monday, April 4, 2011

17 Day Diet Verdict

A few weeks back, I wrote about the 17 Day Diet and asked you all whether you thought I should try it. I appreciate everyone who weighed in and your input gave me some good direction. The votes were 5 to 4 that I should try the diet. Which is what I'm going to do! But, per the advice of some really smart ladies, I'm going to wait until I have less on my plate to start it.

The binding deadline for my thesis is May 6th- meaning by then, I have to have submitted my thesis, defended it to my committee, fix their comments, and have it bound. I can't possibly do any work on it after that date- so the 7th seems like a great day to tackle something new and detox from the celebrations that I am sure will ensue the night of the 6th. The 7th also happens to fall 17 days before I leave the country for my best friend's wedding in Scotland! Perfect timing to drop a couple of pounds.

As it gets closer, I will let you know what the 1st phase of the 17 Day Diet entails. In the mean time, I am going to continue to try and limit my calorie intake and post pictures here, but not to sweat the small stuff. I'm in the final throws of writing and I'm not going to let my weight loss goals get in the way of finishing this semester.


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  1. Good idea Casey to wait
    I started it yesterday as my hubby leaves for a 15 day business trip and I can focus a little more while he is away...instead of temptations for a glass of wine or an ice cream on a Saturday...
    I have started my report back on my blog so please if you have the time, check in as I am going to be 100% honest.
    In my day 1 I lost lets see what tomorrow brings...
    One of my friend lasted till last night and fell off the wagon...


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