Monday, March 21, 2011

Y2 W9 D7: Sunday Funday

Sunday morning Matt and I opted for evening church in favor of savoring our pillows. We didn't roll out of bed until late morning. Since we slept through breakfast, we decided to grab an early lunch at Chipotle. 

I haven't been to chipotle since we moved to c-ville almost 3 years ago. For some reason, I decided I hated the food and wouldn't go back. I am so glad I changed my mind!!! Matt suggested chipotle- which he does every time I ask for restaurant suggestions- which I always shoot down immediately, and I thought I'd throw him a bone and make myself a salad at home if I didn't end up eating whatever I got. I wanted to go to Barnes and Nobel in the same parking lot anyway. I checked out the nutrition menu before going to get my bearings and ordered a "burrito bowl" to save on the 290 calorie tortilla. 

The bowl was 578 calories. I had 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner for 5pts each or 10pts total. Matt and I also split chips and salsa for 245 calories and 5pts also. In my burrito bowl was: chicken, cilantro lime rice, medium salsa, corn salsa, pico de gallo, black beans, cheese, romaine, and 1/2 serving of sour cream. Delicious!

[Skip down to next bracket set if you don't want a rant about diets, or hear about me doing something new.]

I picked up a copy of The 17 Day Diet at B&N today. I've read reviews about it and thought I would check it out. Its gotten a lot of hype as far as diets go from being featured on the Dr. Phil show. A few weeks ago when I was up and down a bit, I had a few people suggest the diet to me, some having followed it for a short period of time with great weight loss to report. I was intrigued.

I am not going to lie- I don't like the concept of dieting. Its frustrating. It has rules. I feel like I'm being punished when I diet. Isn't being fat punishment enough?! Come on- let me have fries and beer too! Not to mention- how are you supposed to learn to use food in the right way if you don't have the same freedom while dieting as you do while maintaining? What's to keep you from getting on the yo-yo dieting track? But then, take all this with a grain of salt, because I have never actually tried a "diet." The thought has always overwhelmed me and filled me with this huge sense of dread. 

I eat food for comfort! Yes, I do. And I don't think its a bad thing! Being satisfied on a physical level does provide emotional comfort. It makes us happy. Tasty food makes me happy too- on a level beyond knowing that it is good for me. It feels good. But, I think its normal. When diets tout eating for comfort or tell you that you need to stoically ignore these "bad" impulses, I think its crazy. I don't think that's how we're designed. However, I do understand their point- that we've gone nuts with comfort eating and stuff ourselves until we're unhappy little porkers wondering why we can't sleep well and can't get a date. So, my diet is what weight watchers refers to as a "lifestyle change." Its the idea that educating ourselves on what food can do for us motivates small changes that result in a healthy body over time. Its definitely worked for me in the past and I still use it now. 

That said, I do like "experimenting" with my body. I like thinking of this blog as a lab and measuring what food and exercise do to me, how they make me feel, and discovering more about how I work. I also like losing weight- a lot. :) I mean, that's a big reason I'm here. The 17 Day Diet claims fast results while maintaining balanced nutrition. I read 90% of the book yesterday and it seems like this much is true. (I'll review the book tomorrow.) Also, as I said earlier- I have never been on a diet with rules about what to eat. I am considering starting the 17 Day Diet in a week or so and comparing the results with what I've seen on it to my current regime. I'm curious what could happen, what I would feel differently, and what a diet is like to follow (ahk). If I do commit, I would only commit to one 17 day cycle and would recommit after that based on how I feel and what I find/like. 

So what do you think? Would you like to see me try The 17 Day Diet and document my results, or do you like my plan just as is? 

I am taking reader input on the right hand side of the blog in a poll. I would also love feedback via comments. I'm not saying the results of the poll will decide it for me, but you're input does impact my decisions.

[Rejoin us, uninterested parties.]

Like I said- leftovers for dinner.

I had a granola bar as a snack later 2pts and 100 calories.

I also made my own pesto! It is nice and spicy and a fun alternative to traditional basil pesto, although now that I know how easy this is to make, I will be trying some other versions in the future. Recipe makes ~ 1/4 cup pesto and seems like its between 2-3 servings depending on your purpose.

I had some broccoli with some humus as a snack late 1pt and 50 calories.

Sunday Stats: 
Water: 60 oz. / 80 oz.  (too bad I can't add in my beer ounces)
Points:  18 / 22
Calories: 978
Weekly Points: 0 used today / 4 remaining
Exercise: grocery shopping
Activity Points: 0 today / 2 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs / 41.8 lbs total 


  1. You`ll have to let me know what you think of that book! Oh and seriously girl.... your face is beyond skinny! It looks like you`ve been losing like crazy lately!


  2. So, I voted to keep on doing what you're doing...for now. With your thesis stuff getting wrapped up and the push for the finish, I think that a somewhat drastic change in habit will be unwise emotionally. Specifically, if you try the 17 day diet and somehow are unable to follow it on certain occasions because of what you're involved in already, I think it'll feel like failure (at least I would feel like a failure). So, all I'm saying is save it for after thesis completion and do it right before our wonderful trip!

  3. Casey my copy arrived today so still have to read more and am going to do one cycle in April while hubby is away on business trip to South Africa, will be easy for me ~ we can share notes...
    Its mainly about sugar....the fact that we eat too much in our diet...and should only eat 2 portions of fruit...when doing WW fruit was free and boy did I eat and never lose, now I know why...


Love to hear from you guys!