Sunday, March 20, 2011

Y2 W9 D6

Saturday was the first day in a while I woke up refreshed. I slept in until 10 which part of me regretted, but I felt really good. I went straight to starbucks for coffee for 4pts and 180 calories before starting in on the thesis.

Lunch was a chicken wrap 5pts, but then I ate the other 2oz. of chicken that I didn't use in the wrap for another 2pts and 350 calories.

The day was spent editing, which will hopefully pay off when I send a few chapters to my advisor for her edits this week. Fingers crossed! Matt and I had plans for a date night so I worked through most of the day. I did stop for a bit to change nail polish. (If you want something to spur a nail polish addiction, and also like reading about food, check out Erica's blog.)
Nail polish break, thesis work in the background
For our date, we went to Fox and Hound Gastropub for some great food and equally great beer. I had a beer with dinner 4pts 200 calories. We had some calamari for an appetizer. Estimate 5pts and 200 calories for what I ate. It was good, but pretty typical for calamari.

Dinner on the other hand was out of control. I had the Pan-Roasted Salmon with fresh corn creme, roasted cippolini onions and sauteed spinach. The highlights were actually the onions and spinach. I wasn't as big of a fan of the corn creme. The salmon was also delicious with a crusty outside and tender inside. My estimate is 6pts for what I ate and 280 calories.
I ate everything except the corn creme- "corn weird cold
thing" is what I called it last night.
Matt enjoying his beer
Matt got the fish and chips. Two giant pieces of beer-
battered Tilapia with 3 dipping sauces and skinny fries.
After dinner, we had planned to attend the Restoration Ball at the Lawn. The event sounded fun, with a live band, cash bar, and black tie optional attire. It was to raise money to restore the lawn and rotunda area. It turned out to be a bit of a flop- the 21 and up lounge was no where to be found! :( We stayed for all of 10 minutes before deciding we could enjoy ourselves just as much at home. 

It turned out to be a good decision, because on the way home the rich food hit me and I didn't feel so hot. I forgot how much heavy foods can affect you when you haven't had them in a while! I was glad that a couch and comfy pants were in my future! On a side note- I was happy about the dress I wore. It was a size 8 from the Loft. I got it on sale a week ago! Further- just bitten lip stain by revlon is not kidding when they say long lasting. Sunday morning, my lips still look like fie-yah.

Matt and I finished our date by reading another chapter of Harry Potter to each other. (Call us little kids, but I love the Harry Potter books.)

Saturday Stats: 
Water: 60 oz. / 80 oz.  (too bad I can't add in my beer ounces)
Points:  26 / 22
Calories: 1,122
Weekly Points: 4 used today / 4 remaining
Exercise: walking around the lawn area on our date
Activity Points: 0 today / 2 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs / 41.8 lbs total 


  1. The food looks amazing.. My weakness is fried food... I am on the low carb diet - lost about 14lbs - I have been "bad" for about 2 weeks and hop to be back on track today... and I know what you mean about rich food hitting after not having it for while.. yucky feeling.
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  2. Your food looks good. Love your makeup and the sassy lips... of course the nail polish color! I am so glad I got someone else nail polish addicted. In college I always had nail polish parties and my friends call me now missing the nail polish parties or to ask what colors they should buy. I love it! Do you have facebook?



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