Friday, March 11, 2011

Y2 W8 D4: Long Day

I cannot wait until I am finished with my thesis and just have one job to work on! Thursday was such a long day. I didn't sleep well Wed. night due to the meds I'm on for my bazillion problems. I had a drippy egg sandwich for breakfast (of course) 4pts and 214 calories.

The morning was crazy busy at work, which I liked, I wish I was a little more alert for all of it though. It was 2:00 by the time I got a break for lunch, but I wasn't super hungry yet (the drippy egg sandwiches are super filling). I had a salad with dried cranberries, goat cheese, and walnuts, with ff Itallian mixed with balsamic vinegar with a small (~1/2 cup) sweet potato with light butter for 5pts and 250 calories. Delish.

I finished at work later than I was planning (~7) and dashed home because I was ready to gnaw my arm off. I heated up an Amy's light and lean meal for 4pts and 210 calories. This shit is BANANAZ. I want more. It was delicious and vegetarian. I was already in love with their canned soups and knew I couldn't go wrong with the purchase. Amy's is a line of organic vegetarian options provided in a convenient frozen or canned form. Perfect for the slackers like myself who would like to remain on the organic bandwagon with minimal effort while maintaining maximum flavor. I love this brand.

After dinner I took about 30 minutes of R&R time before hopping in the car with the hubbs and getting my buns back to work from lab. Not before picking up the study essentials though...some starbucks 4pts and 180 calories, and some fries for good measure. Matt hadn't eaten so he picked up a Wendy's sandwich and I got a med fry 9pts and 410 calories.

Did I mention that I look like a complete homeless person when I study? I wear about 3 coats, no make up, glasses, hair in a bun, sweats, and pink boots or slippers...and no this is not only from the comfort of my own home...this is from lab where people see me. I think I scared a dude I ran into in the hall around 11pm. He wouldn't make eye contact...maybe I should change for other peoples' sake.

The rest of the night was spent adding graphics to a chapter I'm working on and learning new chem code in LATEX. I got home around midnight. Whew- talk about a long day. I got out of college shape too early apparently. Midnight used to be the start of an all-nighter for me, not the end! Hopefully I'll be one more chapter down tomorrow. Cheers to coffee and late nights! 

Thursday Stats: 
Water: 100 oz. / 80 oz. Surprised I wasn't peeing all day..
Points:  26 / 22
Calories: 1,211
Weekly Points: 4 used today / 12 remaining
Exercise: none
Activity Points: 0 today / 0 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.2 lbs / 40.6 lbs total 

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