Monday, March 7, 2011

Y2 W8 D1 Overall Progress and Future Motivation

I got off all the weight I put on last week. Hooray! Down 4.2 lbs this week and back to 157.8. Thank goodness. 

Now its high time that I kiss the 160's goodbye for good and don't ever let them come back. Flirting with that line has gotten tiresome this year. It really put in perspective how much I wasn't getting my shit together when I looked at my net losses for each month of 2011. 
  • January Net Change: -1.4 lbs
    • Year Total: -1.4 lbs
  • February Net Change: +1 lbs
    • Year Total: -.4 lbs 
  • March Change to Date: -4.2 lbs
    • Year Total: -4.8 lbs
Yikes! So it's time to get this shit over with and get the weight off. I'm tired of going up and down. I'm tired of revisiting the 160's and I am tired of being overweight. I am less than 10 lbs away from a normal BMI rating dammit!! I went and looked at the Clean Eating by Tosca website today per a recommendation a while ago from Marcy, and put in my measurements and it says I'm still obese... awesome.

A lot of what spurred this on was that I took all of my measurements and progress pictures today which I do pretty randomly. Despite the fact that I haven't made much progress this year, I have made some. So here are some of the numbers I'm working with and back towards. In 2005 I had a personal trainer to get back in shape after a serious back injury. I was 17 and in college at the time and had already put on a little weight. Either way, I still have the notebook from back then so I'm comparing my current data to it. (Yes, I am an engineer and visual data is a huge motivator. This degree didn't count for nothing!)
Data given in inches and pounds
BMI January 2010
BMI March 2011

Overall weight change- you can see I go up and down a lot from day to day, but overall is a general downward trend.
When I reach or get close to my goal weight I'll show you the periodic swimsuit pictures...I have to grow some ballz before I throw that out there.

So here's to progress toward my weight goals as well as wrapping up my thesis! Thesis is the priority right now, but if I focus on eating also, I think I can do both. Unfortunately, my training for the 10k has fallen off the radar. I have a dr's appt Wed to check out my knee and back and will probably follow it up with some chiropractic visits.

Well, I made all of these great plans after my eats were over for the day, so I can't say that all of the enthusiasm amounts to much today unfortunately. My less than healthy eating streak from the weekend continued. I had what has become my favorite breakfast ever (I say this every month when I discover something new.) Drippy egg sandwiches- fried egg without oil, laughing cow cheese, and light oat bread toast. 194 calories and 4pts.

The morning was spent on the thesis although I didn't make as much progress as I'd hoped. I was losing momentum after the 30 hours spent battling it this weekend. I took a break for lunch and had a boca burger on light toast with laughing cow cheese and home made guacamole 6pts, 325 calories, with a side of baked, organic fries 4pts and 220 calories.

All was going well until I had one of the World's Best Sugar Cookies 2pts and 97 calories...because it was inevitably followed by two more of the World's Best Sugar Cookies for 4pts and 194 calories. I asked Matt to take them to work so they wouldn't be in the house while I was working, but he forgot them in the morning. Punishment: grumpy wife with tummy ache.

Matt and I went to dinner at Sticks Kebab Shop. I had a lamb platter for 11pts and 600 calories estimated. Fortunately, every time I go to Sticks, I wind up with leftover humus which I have just the salad for! 

So where did I go wrong today? I could have gotten by without eating cookies, and if nothing else, should have only had one. That would have saved me 291 unnecessary calories. Also, I shouldn't have worked form home on my thesis. I needed to hit the library and work from another location during the day because I'm more productive that way.

Where did I go right? I spent some time putting my goals (both thesis and weight loss) in perspective and being real with myself on what I could and couldn't do. Currently, the most important thing is for me to finish this thesis. Its hard to put my weight goals on the back burner after focusing on them for so long, but I know I need that in order to make progress in another difficult area while having a job. Don't get me wrong, I'm fighting tooth and nail for both, but when it comes down to it, thesis will have to win- for now. Current goals- have 3/5 chapter completely written, proofread, and in final form by the end of March. Also- to get under 150 by the end of March. I'm well on my way to completing these if I stay focused and keep my ass in gear.

Since I'm back under 160, I'm back to 22 pts allowance per day.

Monday Stats: 
Water: 70 oz. / 80 oz. 
Points:  31 / 22
Calories: 1,620
Weekly Points: 9 used today / 26 remaining
Exercise: none
Activity Points: 0 today / 0 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.2 lbs / 40.6 lbs total 

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. You are doing amazing losing. That'd fabulous that you lost what you gained! Seriously you are rocking. I am sucking at it.


  2. What did you think of Tosca's plan, the concept of it???
    There are so many sites that will give you your IBM, if you dont trust the one go to another...
    Have you heard about The 17 day diet, its all Clean Eating but with a different concept....saw it on DR Phil and The Doctors and have read a few bloggers stories after doing this plan, and ALL are losing so much weight...Every 17 days you have to change things....the book has the plan. First 17days no carbs.
    I have to wait for my copy the end of the month, we get everything so much later than USA....I think this will get me to lose the 2kg's I am desperate to get off before summer ( 4.4lbs )/ and then see if I can lose another 2kgs....from what I read about this book, if I keep to the rules like no fruit after 2pm I will get it just wondering what your thoughts are of this plan.....I have not tried as yet as you can read, but am so very keen to give it a go...its not a crazy diet....will write more about it in my blog when I get the book.

  3. I've been reading your blog for a few months and am inspired by the work you're putting in. it's a relief to see a real person with similar goals and other things going on in their lives. you may be having some small set-backs, but this is real life and we have to balance! i think you're doing great considering the thesis and holiday/post-holiday eating habits our country has. keep up the good work!

  4. Way to go with spending the time to evaluate prioritize and plan while not being too hard on my boo. You are doing so great. Tell Matt thank u for taking care of his grumpy wife for me!

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  6. Love your honesty, bestie :)

  7. Ok, could someone else please check the bmi calc, b/c i am about to throw down. that changes my bmi 7%?! ms. clean, i don't like your math.

    but ms. case, i Love love love the charts. Classic.

  8. congrats keep it up :) You have a great blog :)


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