Thursday, March 17, 2011

Y2 W9 D3

Another quick one here. Eats were sub par. I am underwater with work so food is on the back burner. I had to be at work at 7:30 Wed morning which came way too early. Not to mention- the event I was working was a little boring compared to opening speaker of the book festival I had been planning to attend in the morning. (I'm not bitter...much.) 

I met Matt for brunch at Bodo's. I had a light egg ham on a plain bagel with cheese est 6pts 400 calories.

After the event, I worked on the thesis until heading back to work to meet with students. I snacked on a granola bar in the afternoon for 2pts and 100 calories. 

When I finished work, I had the remaining 2pts and 100 calories of my pasta from the other night.

I had a hot dog 5pts and 250 calories with a side of lays chips 6pts 300 calories for dinner. Kind of gross- but I needed food quick and got back to my thesis. 

I also had a small slice of Matt's pizza for a snack while working. This I did not need and was just eating to distract me from my work and my headache (3pts 150 calories). I had a headache all day today which started the night before and didn't go away with medicine. I felt like I spent all day trying to push through the pain and doing anything I could to distract myself. Food happened to be one of the ways I tried to solve it- turns out no- not food related. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I'm going to try and get more sleep and keep the sodium of foods (today was out of control) under control tomorrow and see if either of those help.

A lot of the food today was estimated and not measured, unfortunately. 

What could I have done better today? I wasn't prepared food-wise for the full day of work and ended up making poorer choices out of convenience. I had the pizza somewhat as a comfort food which was short lived- lets be honest, if I'm going to indulge for comfort, it has to be french fries or alcohol or its not worth it. 

What did I do well on today? I did want to hit up McDonald's for fries when in transition from lab to work, but bypassed (albeit barely) since I had already "splurged" on my breakfast and knew it would be tight for the rest of the day since I had a lot of work ahead. Also- I'm almost finished with the chapter of my thesis I've been working on! 

Wednesday Stats: 
Water: 100 oz. / 80 oz.  wowza
Points:  23 / 22
Calories: 1,300
Weekly Points: 1 used today / 17 remaining
Exercise: none
Activity Points: 0 today / 2 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs / 41.8 lbs total 

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