Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In one week??? Seriously?

I don't really want to write this post. I knew Monday's weigh was going to be a disaster, it just sucks to put it in writing. I am up 4lbs in one week. IN ONE WEEK! Dang. No, chances are I didn't eat an excess of 14,700 calories this week. Some of it is just body chemistry (and increased sodium this week, general tso's anyone?), but I need to kick the 160's to the curb and be done with them. So I'm working hard this week on getting back out of the 160's and then staying there. Fortunately, I made a lot of progress on my thesis last week and I'm trying to finish that up in the next few weeks. Unfortunately though, I feel like the second I give my thesis my focus, my weightloss and exercise train derails. Its where I am though and I have to manage both goals. So over the next two weeks my goals are to finish two chapters of my thesis and to get back solidly in the 150's. 

Since I have combined goals over, I don't know if I'll be able to look up all of the nutrition info on everything I eat, specifically pts+ values. I'll do as much as I can, but I can't spend as much time as I have been on this.

Alright, Monday eats: For breakfast, I had 2 oatmeal cookies I made the night before. Way to start the week of right, Casey. 6pts, 280 calories, 8pts+.

After my delicious, but nutritiously debaucherous breakfast, I sat at Starbucks for a few hours working and sipping my light coffee frapuccino. It was 4pts, 180 calories, 5pts+.

Lunch was good old pb&j 4pts, Baby Pea and Shoepeg Corn Salad 2pts, and a tangerine 1pt.

I had a few toasted pieces of a mini french baguette (4 slices of size pictured) for 75 calories with some light laughing cow cheese 25 calories. Total 2pts.

I had to teach a continuing ed event at work from 5-9:30 so I didn't get dinner until pretty late. I was ready to gnaw my arm off. Matt and I split a Jolly Green Giant Pasta Steamer. It was only 3 dollars! 6pts and 330 calories.

After dinner, I was still a little hungry so we had some chips 3pts 180 calories.

Monday Stats: Not too bad, not too good.
Water: 50 oz. / 80 oz.
Points:  28 / 23
Weekly Points: 5 used today / 34 remaining
Exercise: none
Activity Points: 0 today / 0 week
Weekly Weight Loss: +4.2 lbs / 36.4 lbs total

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