Monday, March 7, 2011

Y2, W7, Weekend

I spent all weekend working on my thesis. Hopefully, I'll look back someday and think this was worth it. My eats weren't that great. The sugar cookies got me!

Toast for breakfast before a few hours of work at LearningRx. 2pts 140 calories.
Lunch was leftover pizza 6pts 250 calories, chips 1pt 80 calories, and guacamole 2pts 90 calories.

I spent the rest of the day at starbucks. I had light coffee frapuccino for 4pts and 160 calories, with a sample of some sweet 1pt (80 calories)?

For dinner, Matt and I went to a new Mexican place which had been recommended over and over- El Puerto. They advertise authentic mexican food. There is not other word for the place than hole-in-the-wall, but the food and service did not disappoint. I got a shrimp quesadilla (ate 1/2) with fries 13pts (estimated and no clue calories) and had some chips and salsa 4pts. I had ~1/2 of a bud light with dinner for 1pt and 50 calories.
I am in study attire...and 3 coats. I get cold.
After dinner, I made The World's Best Sugar Cookies...and then ate 3 for 6pts and 300 calories.

Sunday, I made drippy egg sandwiches for brunch for 5pts and also snuck a cookie for 2pts and 94 calories.
This was followed by cocaine Starbucks frap 4pts, and more cookies 4pts (348 calories total).

Which was followed by McDonald's and more cookies (800 calories at mcdonald's, 291 on cookies). Sunday clearly spiraled out of control. I didn't have time to mess with food. Gotta get this chapter

Totals: Saturday: 1400 calories Sunday: 1,680 calories

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