Thursday, March 10, 2011

Y2 W8 D3: Doctor's Visit

Omigoodness, what didn't go wrong today? Thesis? Severe lack of progress. Eats? Please don't ask. Culprit? Doctor's visit. So I woke up feeling a little tired and "off" assuming it was the beer from the night before. I had my annual dr's apointment scheduled for Wed to go over my back issue, the fact that the toes on my left foot go numb while running or using a cross trainer, one of my eyelids is drooping at night, my left knee is hurting more although I run with a brace, ect. ect. There's some shit going on in my little body right now. 

I assumed my visit to the dr. would be changing the anti inflammatory meds for my back for a while and recommend chiropractic visits beyond that. Check. I expected to have some recommendation about my eye- apparently it needs surgery- awesome. I expected some exercises for my knee- check. I expected some new meds for my chronic ear infections- check. What wasn't I expecting (other than eye surgery)? I wasn't expecting to be told I was sick with 101 fever when I got there. I wasn't expecting to be told I had athsma and given an inhaler. I wasn't expecting that I they would need a pint of blood to test for rhumatiod arthritis, vitamin B uptake, iron levels, hormones, and, yes, thyroid disorder. So- checking for lots of issues I wasn't expecting at the moment, but all of my symptoms seem to add up to something. hooray. Don't get me wrong- I have an amazing doctor and am so glad that she wants to get to the bottom of what's going on, I'm just tired of spending time at the doctor. uhg. What is up with me?? I'm too young to fall apart.

Anyway, to my eats- I had a drippy egg sandwich for breakfast 4pts and since I have large eggs now, they are 214 calories.

I spent most of the morning at the doctor and then the early afternoon at the grocery getting my meds filled and grocery shopping while waiting. I got a light frappuccino while waiting for 4pts and 180 calories. They mistakenly gave me a grande, but I didn't finish it so I counted it as a tall.

Lunch was purely comfort food. I had baked organic fries for lunch for 220 calories and 4pts.

I went in to work for a bit, and then came home and made dinner with Matt. I made more humus salad and he grilled some filets I marinated the night before. It was superb. 5pts and 170 calories since I couldn't finish my salad.

A while later, I wanted something we went to get arch's. I had a Wow Cow fro-yo. I ordered peanut butter, but it had some tart sorbet still in the spout I guess, so it didn't taste that great and I ended up throwing a lot of it out. I'll still count 1pt and 20 calories for what I ate. The whole thing is 1pt and 38 calories.

Sooo instead, I had 5 cookies 10 pts and 488 calories...then some bacon 2pts 70 calories....then some chips 2pts 100 calories. And of course I didn't take pictures of those because I was cranky. Well, whether there's a picture or not, I ate them so they go in the list.
Only one cookie was invited to the photo shoot.
I didn't sleep well last night since I couldn't take the steriod meds until the afternoon which keep you up, so work today was rough, but you can hear about that tomorrow. 

Wednesday Stats: 
Water: ? oz. / 80 oz. 
Points:  32 / 22
Calories: 1,450
Weekly Points: 8 used today / 16 remaining
Exercise: none
Activity Points: 0 today / 0 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.2 lbs / 40.6 lbs total 

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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    This is the only calculator I can find on her website...can you send me the link to the one you used.
    Mine says 24% and obese is 32%
    Let me know okay.


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