Friday, March 4, 2011

Y2, W7, Day 5

Thursday was a super long day at work. I was there for about 11 hours! I had too much to eat yesterday, but its over and there's nothing to do about it now. I did pretty well managing food group intake though. Breakfast was watermelon and 1/2 grapefruit 2pts and 100 calories.

Lunch was my shoepeg corn and baby pea salad 2pts (170 calories, I used 1/2 the oil in this recipe and liked it even better than last time) and a PB&J 4pts and 215 calories.

I had dinner at work. I had a repeat from yesterday; Chicken, pasta and light laughing cow cheese 7pts and ~350 calories. I was starving by the time I had this

I was still a little hungry after work and had 1/2 a serving of the broccoli and rice from yesterday 3pts 180 calories.
This is a small tupperware
And then I went rummaging. I had a handful of chips 4pts and 200 calories estimate (not pictured). They upset my stomach a little. I went to the grocery for a few items and picked up Matt some lo mein. I got myself a small order of fries which Matt, Bear, and I shared for 6pts and 450 calories (estimate/guess).

Despite my long workday (and I was busy literally all of it), I did find some "me time" after work to read some blogs. I had a million tabs open to peruse before starting my nightly routine, but ended up devoting all of my time and leftover mental activity to reading and subsequently processing/researching one post. I think everyone should read it because its a lot of "food" for thought. 

Annabel at Feed Me I'm Cranky gave me permission to repost an excerpt from her post, Obsessed with Sex, Food, and Dieting. If you have a chance- go read the full thing! She has a tart, spunky style that can speak to the best of us bitches while keeping serious debate about current even food related topics. 

"...Frankly, we don’t want to know what fat women eat in the same way we want to know what skinny stars eat. We want to know what these skinny chicks eat so that we can find the secret. And we’re pained when we, women, hear they actually eat what they want instead of following some strict and restrictive torturous diet that we can also partake in. I’m inclined to think men are turned on by hearing these gorgeous women have some x-factor-gene that allows them the ability to eat greasy burgers and fries with abandon while still maintaining a hip bones that could slice through their beloved steaks. Again the unrealistic is deified as some attractive lie we all want to eat up...
...And as much as we seem to conflate skinny with pretty, we also often conflate skinny with healthy as if to rationalize what is actually a very destructive rhetorical move. There’s a lot of double-talk occurring. Women’s magazines are often telling us to be “the best you” while also telling us how to drop a dress size in a week. We’re told over and over that the one point separating overweight from obese on the BMI chart pushes you from simply unattractive to diseased and part of a large social problem that must be eradicated...
-The Cranky One
 Go get your read on. The end!

Thursday Stats: 
Water: 85 oz. / 80 oz.
Points:  28 / 23
Calories: 1,500
Weekly Points: 5 used today / 26 remaining
Exercise: none
Activity Points: 0 today / 0 week

Weekly Weight Loss: +4.2 lbs / 36.4 lbs total 

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