Monday, August 8, 2011


So far so good on getting back into the swing of dieting- I'm down 2 lbs from last Monday- putting me at 166.8. Hopefully, I'm able to maintain the slow and steady pace.

Last week was pretty eventful. Wednesday night, I went to see the Decemberists at the downtown pavilion which was awesome- as expected. It was crazy hot outside and I was sopping wet by the end of the concert, but it was so much fun. We got box tickets through advertising where I work, which was sweet. Basically, box tix allot you a waiter and give you a table to buy drinks from. There's more space, but we still migrated into the crowd to get the full concert experience. PS- when did dancing at concerts become uncool? It made me sad how little motion there was in this crowd.

Here are some of my eats for the week:
Southwestern chicken salad:
Spring Mix, Avocado, Chicken, Tomato, Dressing

Beer Butt Chicken, bbq chips, pamesean broccoli

cracked pepper kettle chips and dip

taco soup

chex mix

lean cuisine

arch's wow cow yogurt w/ fat free brownie topping- more on this later

more chex

Starbucks frappuccino and a crazy lady who talked to us outside

more chips and dip

Slices, artichoke, pesto pizza


Raising Cane's

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