Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Racquetball...3, 2, 1 Duck

Like most universities, UVa comes well equipped with about 14 gyms around campus. During my graduate career, I mostly hit up the weights and aerobics areas, occasioning the aquatics center and some Zoomba classes. One thing I have avoided like the plague is racquetball. I tried it once in undergrad.
<-- It went something like this. I was shamed by my husband's (then boyfriend) poking fun at my less than stellar skills- aka, me cowering in the corner. Well, now I'm learning. I had my first tutoring session today with Matt. It was actually a lot of fun and a pretty good workout, especially in my new vibrams. I still can't consistently hit shots that hit the back wall after bouncing, but compared to my first experience, wishing I had a bunker to hide behind, I thought it was much better. The UVa gym at the lawschool only charges $7 for guest passes.

Other than racquetball, Tuesday was pretty laid back. I got off work early, around 3:30 since I'll be working late Wed and Thursday. We hit the pool, made dinner, and played racquetball in the afternoon and evening. I made my low weight watchers points taco soup Monday night so we got to have that as an easy dinner.
Daily Nosh: Pillsbury Biscuit with Jam and Light Butter
Greek salad with feta, spring mix, tomatoes, cucumber, and turkey
Lays kettle chips (1 serving) with french onion dip (1 Tbsp)
7 On the Border tortilla chips
1/2 cup chex mix
1 1/2 cups Taco Soup
Total Calories: 1,150

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  1. You know I have never played racquetball before, might have to give it a try! I definitely need to make that taco soup!



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