Sunday, January 17, 2010

Low Points Taco Soup

Soup is a staple for me on Weight Watchers, and this is one of my favs. Matt's mom gave me this recipe from when she did weight watchers years and years ago. I haven't made it in about a year- since I lost weight last time around!! It is super hearty and only 4pts per cup and a half of soup (120 calories per cup if you get 13 cups). I am full on a 1 1/2 - 2 cup serving. I made this tonight to use throughout the week. It also freezes pretty well.

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 1 hr
Makes ~13 cups soup

You need:
1 lb. Ground Beef, 90% Lean or higher (NOTE: if you use 93% lean or higher, the entire soup is considered a "filling food"- defined by weight watchers. I just couldn't find it at Kroger)
1 Large Onion, chopped
1 14 oz. can Stewed Tomatoes, Original
1 14 oz. can Stewed Tomatoes, Mexican Style
1 can Corn
1 can Chili Hot Beans
1 can Pinto Beans
1 pk. Reduced Sodium Taco Seasoning
1 pk. Ranch dressing mix
(Optional) 1 can green chiles (If you like it spicier)
2-2 1/2 cups Water


Brown ground beef and onions together.

Drain of excess fat (I did not subtract points for doing this).

Return to Pan. Add taco seasoning and ranch mix to meat and stir.

Should look like seasoned taco meat at this point.

Add beef mixture, water, and all canned ingredients (undrained) to a large pot. It is not important to cut the tomatoes, they will soften and fall apart during cooking and stirring.

Simmer 1 hr, stirring occasionally, and then you're done! 

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. om nom nom did you make some for me??

  2. I can soon! I'm making another batch next week!


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