Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 9: 1/19/2010

Day 9 and I am motivation central from my weigh in yesterday. This morning, I got up and ready for work. I felt a little slow today so I took my time. Maybe its just that I'm ALMOST FINISHED WITH MY MASTER'S RESEARCH PROJECT (I am going to mention this as many times possible throughout blogging because I am so excited that 1 1/2 years are about to pay off!) or maybe it was the run yesterday. Either way, I needed something tasty to get going. I made my version of Darci's morning mush- 2 Strawberries, 1 cup ff vanilla yogurt, and 1/3 cup whole grain cereal for 4pts.

Put little Bear in the kitchen, broke my heart to hear him whining when I left, and headed to work. Got a little work done on the report (T-6 days!), interfaced w/ hubby and his lab, and then took a break for lunch to see "the Christinas," my female engineering comrades in the MEC bldg. I had a smart ones ravioli entree, water, and 11 pretzels for 7pts. It was good to see them and start back on our frequent lunch dates.

 After the long lunch, baaack to work for me. I make and test aereogels for thin film insulation for my project. They are the lowest density solid in existence, have the lowest dielectric constant, extremely low speed of sound, and low electrical conductivity (depending on the kind). In short- they are super useful to us science people. Here's a pic. of me with a silica aerogel made in the University of Virginia lab. Oh- and they're see through which makes them excellent candidates for window insulation. There's my geek fact for the day.
Making aerogels is a long, tedious process, so I munched on a 2pt granola bar while waiting for the oven to heat. Fortunately, you can't eat in my lab, so I don't generally have the opportunity to snack during the day.
After a little more work, I realized that the first draft of the final report was going to need a LOOOOT more work before it was sent to my advisor and that I was in for a late night. I grabbed Matt for a break around 5 and we went and picked up soda for all the lab members. I got this giant diet coke 0pts to fuel me for the evening. Big accomplishment going to mickie-d's and not getting fries- hurt my soul a little to smell them.

I grabbed a golden delicious apple for snacking a little later for 1pt. I am so glad that I planned ahead and packed snacks today!

Since I hadn't planned on working late, I had to run out and grab dinner. I had 12pts left for the day and Matt and I went to chick-fil-a. I had an unsweet iced tea with lemon for 0pts, 5pc chicken nugget for 6pts, and a medium fry for 9pts. No, that is not 12 pts, its 15, but I hadn't factored in activity points for the day either. Then I went back to work, fabricating a last aerogel sample for the project and writing the final report- rough draft due tonight to my advisor. No more snacking for the night, but I was full and content. I love chick-fil-a, too bad its not as good for you as cabbage.

After my not-so-great-points dinner, I went back to work and took a break for my 100 push up plan and 200 sit up plan. I am really proud of myself for doing this because after such a long day at work and residual soreness from day 1 of my C25K program, push ups were the absolute last thing I wanted to do. But I did them on the floor of my office- bravo star sticker anyone??

Points: 29/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 32 remaining/35
Activity Points Earned: 1 today/6 week
Exercise: Push ups week 1 day 3 (33 girl pushups), sit ups week 1 day 3 (98 sit ups)
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.8 lbs

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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