Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 8: 1/18/2010 Start of Week 2

Second Weigh in today so first weigh in to see results! I'm down 4.8 lbs this week! Its not the 5lbs I was hoping for, but its definitely a good start bringing my weight to 193.6. Exciting.

I didn't get to sleep last night until around 1 am! I had been doing all of my cooking for the week. Matt woke up at 7:30 to get to work early and I had told him last night I'd make him coffee. So after 6 1/2 hrs of sleep, I'm up again and I had a Smart Ones english muffin sandwich and water this morning for a total of 4pts. Then...I took a nap :).

After my nap I started working from home today- I have been waiting for a tow-truck to come pick up my totaled car for the insurance company. I'm going to miss her! The white charger on the left is my rental for the week. It's fun to drive.
I got some ordering done and part of my final report for my master's research written before starting my C25K workout for day one! I walked 5 mins at 3.6 mph to warm up, and then alternated every 90 seconds between walking 3.6 mph and jogging 4.8 mph for 20 mins. The last minute, I did a 9 mph sprint- wow- tired. I ran for a few mins on the elliptical to cool down for a total of +5 activity points (it felt like 100). The picture is from the elliptical, I forgot to take the one from the treadmill but will next time! Jamie, my sister, bff, and workout extraordinaire even told me that I had a really hard workout. :) + 5 confidence points!

 After the gym, I ate lunch with Jamie at my apt. 1 1/2 cups taco soup + a little water Low Pts Taco Soup, diet sunkist, 1 cup grapes, and chocolate pudding. I ended up not eating the baked tortilla chips pictured so didn't count them in the 6pts total for lunch.

I got the mail today and wow- lots of surprises there! New checkbook, free spray tan coupon, some photo enlargements I ordered, and A PACKAGE for me (from Matt's mom, Denise)!! I love mail- I think its from being a kid and getting birthday invitations or something. My husband hates my love for the mail because he says its always bills, but today- he is wrong, mail is awesome. So in the package is a sweater I left at their house over christmas, a super cute jacket she got for my puppy, Bear, and a Lancome gift set! Did I mention, I love mail?? Super sweet and thoughtful.
After all the activity, I did a little more work on the final report (due 1/24), showered, and got ready for my second weight watchers meeting This week, it was about activity and how it helps us with our weight loss goals. Originally, I thought about switching times to a smaller meeting, but I really like the leader in this one. She's super cute. We'll see how my sem. schedule looks next week. So, like I said, I am down 4.8 lbs this week which made me happy. I'm going to try for the same next week and we'll see where that takes me. At the meeting, I "celebrated" (told everyone for the non weight watchers) my 4.8 lbs. When asked what I thought my new successful habbit was, I said that it was tracking pts and running and pushups. It gave me momentum and excitement for the program. Our leader insisted on giving me 3 bravo stickers for my accomplishments. Yes, we get bravo star stickers because we are that awesome. And here are mine!

After the meeting I was starving, I called Matt and he told me he wouldn't make it home for dinner :( so I was on my own. I put together a nice dinner for- get this- only 4pts!! I had salad- romaine lettuce, bell peppers, banana peppers, 1 Tbsp feta cheese,  <1/8 cup sunflower seeds but counted it as 1/8, 1 Tbsp ff Itallian dressing mixed with 1 Tbsp Balsalmic Vinegar, slice of tomato, and red onion- all for 3pts, then a side of lemon garlic broccli for 1 pt, and the WW veggie soup I made last night for 0pts. And of course- diet sunkist :) I'll probably add something with some points later tonight so that I'm not at only 14 for the day! I've got a little housework to do and then I'm going to hit the hay- I have a LOT of work to do tomorrow!

I snacked on this while watching Post Grad around 11. I don't know what it is, but I have a sweet tooth around 10:30pm! Glad I had the weight watchers ice cream sandwiches around for 2pts!

Points: 16/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 35 remaining/35 all in tact!
Activity Points Earned: 5 today/5 week
Exercise: Week 1 C25K work ou
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.8 lbs

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. This is great stuff! I'm glad to see you getting healthy, it's good to have long-lived friends.

    I have a suggestion for your core workout.

    Situps on a bench:

    If you can have someone spot you and hold your legs down while hanging off the edge you can extend past horizontal and work your core even more.

    Reverse Crunches:

    This works your lower abs when you can't really do the above. You extend your legs and raise them a couple of inches off the ground. Pull your knees to your chest and extend again still keeping your legs off the ground.

    Prone and Side Bridges:

    These lovely exercises of pain and evil are excellent for strengthening your core.

    Basic Prone Bridge:

    Harder Prone Bridge and Side Bridge types:

    I hope these help you at least with your core workouts.

  2. Oh, I also just noticed the lemon garlic broccoli. That was like the tastiest broccoli ever. I am definitely going to make it soon!


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