Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 17: 1/28/2010

Today feels like it has lasted forever. So much for cleaning the house and running as my only responsibilities! I woke up early this morning because I had to drive Matt to work- the one car thing is going to get old really fast. I made him waffles while he was in the shower to surprise him!

He was really happy and glad that I wasn't still in bed when he got out of the shower like usual. I had a Smart Ones breakfast sandwich for 4pts while driving him to work.

When I got home I had around a million and one things to do. First, I called the insurance company to report the wreck from last night. Then I called and filed a claim with the man's insurance company- geico was soooo awesome. They worked everything out within an hour! I dropped Matt's car off at the repair shop, which was pretty hilarious considering the driver's side door won't open so I have to climb in through the passenger side. They got me set up with a rental car for a couple of days- second rental car in a week! Wow- unlucky. I'm driving a Hyundai Sonata.

Geico was so nice that I got an insurance quote from them. We think we're going to switch! So much cheaper than liberty mutual for the same coverage. Just say a prayer that Matt's car isn't totaled. We can't afford to replace two cars right now.

So after getting all of that sorted out, I had to go to the DMV and title my old car in virginia for insurance purposes. Its been over a month since the wreck and its still not settled! Liberty Mutual claims department is TERRIBLE! Then I spent an hour on the phone with them trying to figure out where to mail it, dropped it by UPS and FINALLY headed home. I was starving. I had a Smart Ones fettuchini with broccli for 4pts and a cup of grapes for 1pt.

While eating lunch, Bear and I watched half of the sweetest thing before I started doing some work on the class I TA. I had a meeting with the professor and then picked Matt up from work. We ran by Staples to get school supplies (we're running late on everything because of the report), and I got home just in time to go to the 6:00 WW meeting. I was so excited and a little nervous because we drank a lot this week. On the way out the door, I realized I had left ALL of my WW stuff at my office so negative on that line. I snacked on a WW ice cream sandwich for 2pts.

After that, I caught up on some blogs and made my  Sausage Artichoke Heart Soup to use for the week. Jamie, Chris, Matt and I planned to go out to dinner to catch up, but Jamie got sick, so it ended up just being Chris, Matt, and I. (Hope you feel better, James; we missed you.) We went to Ragazzi's and I had a little salad with 3 croutons, and their house dressing- I am guessing 4pts to accommodate for the dressing and croutons.
Then I had a breadstick and a dinner portion of meat tortellini with alfredo sauce. I am estimating 1/3 cup alfredo sauce for 6pts, and a cup and a half of meat tortellini for 8pts, and a small breadstick for 2pts. Dinner was a lot of fun to catch up, but not really worth the points. I need to get a lot of working out in on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I think missing the meeting on Monday and again tonight really influenced my ability to keep from using my weekly points.  No excuses- just gotta keep going and keep moving. (Below- that's a plate not a bowl btw)

After dinner, I came home and made a salad for lunch tomorrow and packed some fruit for snacks. Its really late and I'm going to be tired tomorrow, I can already tell.

Points: 31/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 12 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/1 week
Exercise: none
Weekly Weight Loss: no weigh in yet

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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