Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 20: 1/30/2010 (I HATE SNOW)

I HATE SNOW! It snowed through the night on Friday. Did I mention I hate snow?? Last time it snowed in Charlottesville, my Tarus got totaled by an uninsured driver (RIP). So when I woke up to texts from friends about the snow- I was not a happy camper.

1st thing I did was start to clear off the pathway, even though snow was still coming down like mad and it was an unbeatable battle, I was still determined to do the little I could to keep snow as far away from my life as possible, so I cleared a path to our cars on the faint hope it would stop enough for us to get out of the house. No such luck. Still I think I earned a +1 activity point for the effort. It took forever!

Allee, Matt and I walked ~ 1.2 miles to the chili's near the house, but what should have take 28 minutes took about 50 walking in 6+ inches of snow and 17 degree weather at the time. It was something to do though, and I'm glad we went, although my legs are still a little sore. +2 more activity points!
This is Allee and Matt on the road in front of our apt on the way to chili's. Yes, Allee is wearing a skirt- crazy girl.
Allee and I celebrating making it to chili's in this God awful weather.

At Chili's, I really really wanted chipotle chicken crispers but resisted the urge and got this awesome special off of their guiltless items- bottomless soup and salad w/ chips and salsa for 7.99. Check it out- its not just a lunch special. I had chicken and green chile soup for 3pts (from the rice and chicken) and their house salad for 2pts from the corn and ff honey mustard. (I did not eat the croutons that come with the salad. I had 4pts of chicken enchilada soup for my refill- it was a lot better than the green chile, but more points for less soup- you win some, you lose some. I also had ~1/3 a plate of their chips and salsa for 4pts and a reallllllly small peice of Matt's chicken- around the size of my thumb for 4pts (I think it's more like 2, but I wanted to over approximate.)
Salad with green chile chicken soup.

Chips and salsa.

Enchilada soup with same salad (notice all the croutons on the side- proud of that.)

Tiny peice from Matt's chicken. I drank diet coke with the meal for 0pts. So fun and not bad for chili's most of their stuff is 15 pts and up without a side or chips or drink- whoa. I felt like it was a minor victory to be full at a restaurant as nutritionally crappy as chili's for less than my entire day's points. It was 17pts worth of awesome. We stayed at chili's forever to avoid the walk home. We finally decided to catch the buses for the way back. Unfortunately they weren't dropping at the stop closest to our apt because of the snow, but we were able to catch a ride most of the way back on our warm charlottesville UTS and CTS buses. 

And we finally made it home. We watched the hangover while reading homework and hanging out. Jamie, Chris and Miss Hammy swung by for a visit and Bear was glad to see his sister for a while. After a while, we watched the Miss America pageant (yay Virginia!) and ate dinner. I had a smart ones ravioli for 5pts, a diet sunkist 0pts, sweet potato w/ light butter and cinimon 3pts

After dinner, we watched some more TV and I had some pretzels and a newcastle for 5pts.

Matt gave me a back masage and I fell asleep right there on the couch. Finally, he ushered me to an early bed because it was clear I was in no shape to hang out late. I was so grateful for the extra Zs.

Points: 30/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 6 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 3 today/8 week
Exercise: Walking 1 hr in snow and sweeping drive
Weekly Weight Loss: no weigh in yet

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