Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 10: 1/20/2010

O.M.G.- That's all there is to say about today. Its been a long one and its still going. So when I came home last night, I found my little escape artist, Bear, had somehow jumped over the baby gate and 2 chairs blocking him into the kitchen. He was munching on one of my bras on the couch. Fabulous. I'm going to have to find a better way of blocking him in next time!

I woke up early this morning because it is the first day back to classes and I thought I had one at 9. I ended up being wrong. I thought I got the days confused between my two classes and so my 2 o'clock one was M/W and my 9 am was T/TR- more on that to come. I grabbed a Smart One's English muffin for 4pts and headed to work. On the way, I dropped my little sisters birthday present and a friend's baby shower gift off at the post office. Shelby turns 21 tomorrow!!
Before leaving, I hadn't forgotten the havoc bear had reaped on the apartment the day before and so I modified the barricade. Good news is that when I got home today- he hadn't figured out how to defeat the new set up! :)
After what felt like forever at work- many setbacks with the project that had to be fixed and some more staring blankly at the final report, I ran down and had a quick lunch in Matt's lab. I had water, sugar free pudding, 4 strawberries, and a smart ones entree for 6pts.
After my hurried lunch, I rushed back to the lab to continue making some new aerogels for testing since another lab was having issues with testing. Thinking I had class at 2, my goal was to get them out before then. Around 1:58 I finished with no time to spare, I hopped in my car and sped to another lab to drop them off praying that I could make it within 5 mins of the start of class. I hate being late- especially on the 1st day. So I run to the class....empty- weird. I looked up the room number- crap I had the wrong room. Ran into that class, by this time, nearly 15 mins late. I grabbed a seat near the door with EVERYONE staring at me. After getting my bearings, I realize..."everyone looks really young...and, hum, who is that teacher? I've never seen him....CRAP! This isn't my class!!" So at this point not only have I disturbed the class coming in 15 minutes late, but now I have to get up and leave. Fabulous. I sucked up my pride and got out of there. Turns out- I have no M/W classes and only Tue/Tr ones. Fabulous. Upon realizing that- I was so stressed and frustrated and nothing had gone as planned during the day so I grabbed matt and we went home to let Bear out and go for a short workout. I did my C25K plan: week 1, day 2.  It wasn't nearly as bad as Monday so that is a good sign. I alternated between walking 3.5 mph and jogging 5 mph every 90 seconds. That was +5 activity points. Matt and I split a 2 pt WW ice cream sandwich after the impromptu workout for 1pt each.

After the hustle and bustle I went back to work for my first day of TAing (teaching assistant) a graduate statistics class. I've TAed an undergrad class, but not a grad one before. By the time I got out, I was ready for dinner. I had 1 1/2 cups taco soup, 14 baked tortilla chips, and grapes for 8pts.

I got home and chilled with Jamie for about an hr around 8:00...not the 5:00 end of the work day I was hoping for. I snacked on a medium baked potato, 1 Tbsp cheese, and 2 tsp fake butter for 6pts. I think that's a high estimate, but whatever.

Points: 25/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 32 remaining/35
Activity Points Earned: 5 today/11 week
Exercise: C25K; week 1, day 2
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.8 lbs

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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