Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 16: 1/27/2010

Great day to follow up the best day ever- I am still basking in the glory of having so little to do this early in the semester.

I woke up and had a quaker chewy bar for breakfast for 2pts on the way out the door to school.

I got to work a little early today before realizing- i didnt have anything to do today!! So I sat around for 45 mins until my 1st class started at 9:30- computational fluid dynamics. We did some baby programming and overall it went well. After that, I went home to let bear out and we took a dog nap on the couch together. No, not a cat nap, although they are the same length. Cat naps are based on convenience, laziness, and warm sunny places. Dog naps on the other hand are all about the company and snuggling- they are my fav.

So after bear's and my short nap, I went to eat lunch with Christina at Tara Thai. It was sooo necessary. I hadn't seen CJ in over a week! So nice to catch up. I ate half of my Pad Thai for 10pts. The mung beans were so crisp!

After than I went to my second class of the day- vibrations. It was all review so I didn't pay much attention. After that class, I had a meeting for the statistics class I TA. It went really well, and I am all geared up to be the best TA ever. So excited about helping people learn stats. Its one of my fav subjects. Matt and I headed home around 4 and split the rest of my pad thai for 5pts. Delish.

After kicking back a while, I went to Cait's apartment to study and watch some Jeapordy- love love LOVE girl time. Can never get enough. :) I had a low fat string cheese for 1pt at her apartment and 2 pieces of broccli for 0pts.

SO- to preface- I wrote all that jazz about great day up through the string cheese earlier...and now- still a good day, but not great. I GOT HIT ON THE WAY HOME FROM CAIT'S APT FOR THE 2ND TIME IN A MONTH!!! What are the odds? I guess the law of averages had something to say about my two awesome days in a row! Fortunately, I'm fine...and Matt's car isn't hurt as badly as mine was so hopefully it won't be totaled. Pictures tomorrow. The old man who hit me is quite possibly the nicest man on the planet. Like wow- it sucks that that's how I had to meet him, but I was glad to be with a nice person. We sat at Arby's and talked while waiting for the police. He bought me a soda (diet 0pts), and was facinated that my last name was Bauer- his favorite TV show is 24. Anyway- sweet old man, but I'm not sure if he should have been driving at night. If I hadn't had suuuuch a great 2 days, I would probably be totally pissed now because umm neither Matt nor I have a car now!

Well, that's all for tonight. I was going to make sausage artichoke soup and post the recipe online, but it looks like that's going to wait until tomorrow! 3rd WW meeting tomorrow and a weigh in. Not looking forward to this one after the crazy weekend.


Points: 18/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 17 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/1 week
Exercise: none :( except my walk to Cait's
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.8 lbs

Hope to see less of each other next time!


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