Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 lbs To a Healthy Me

I haven't written in the last week, but I wasn't falling of the wagon or anything. I've been eating relatively healthy - although our friends' Seder dinner on Saturday was extremely decadent. I haven't been counting calories for the most part. If anything, I've just been totaling them up in hindsight. I'm losing weight, not quickly by any stretch, but a little bit at a time. I think its because I haven't had a clear goal in mind. I originally set my sights on getting (and staying) under 160 even during weight fluctuations. I'm pretty much there. I see 160.0 after I eat dinner and drink a ton of water, but that's about it.
White wine sangria we made for the Seder - did I
say decadent? I meant drunk.

As of this morning, I weigh 159.4 lbs. That is 9.4 lbs away from the healthy weight range for my height. Only 9.4 lbs!!! It seems like there's a goal on the scale right under my nose toes. I am so close to being in the "healthy" weight range again. So new goal- lose 10 lbs and stop being "overweight." It won't be the end of my journey, but its a good landmark. That will also be about 50 lbs of weight loss! Pretty huge. 

Let's see how long it takes me!

Y'day I had two handfuls of nuts and berries for breakfast. They are SO GOOD! Blueberries, raspberries, acai berries, walnuts, almonds and cashews. #betterthancandy

For lunch, I had my staple which which sandwich for 500 calories.

For dinner, I had ~1 cup of shrimp and 500 calories of baked french fries.

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  1. Dang girl congratulations on being so close. In no time you`ll be at your healthy weight! xo


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