Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's talk warriors...

The muddy kind.

You know, the kind who wakes up on a lovely Saturday morning and runs 4 1/2 miles through an obstacle course full of mud, fire, and climbing walls.

Yes, me.

And some equally crazy friends.

Spencer, Shanna, and I ran in the Mud Warrior race last Saturday. It was a 4.5+ mile course with obstacles throughout it. I was a little nervous the night before since...ahem, I can only do about 1/2 of the recommended exercises the race cites on their website. As a team, we made the pact to finish together or not to finish at all. :) It was nice to know we'd all make it some how! 

The race started with a sprint to a mud pit with barbed wire over it you had to crawl under, then up my LEAST FAVORITE part of the race ~a mile run uphill. I think they planned it that way to thin out the pack. I was definitely walking by the end of the "Spartan Everest." A few of the other obstacles were tires to run through, as well as tires hanging that you had to beat your way through, balance beams to cross, hay bales to climb over, hurdles to jump over, fire pits to run through, cargo net walls to conquer, ropes to climb walls with, and finally a giant mud slide into a mud pit to finish the race. We crossed the finish line together!

Overall it was a pretty fun day and I felt like a badass for finishing. I can say though, I probably wouldn't have made it without Spencer! He was definitely our team's pacer and encourager.

I'll be back to posting regularly this week, so stay tuned!

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